Lil' Monkey Dome Climber w/ Mobile App

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Lil’ Monkey Dome Climber w/ Mobile App
Price: $87.99
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Purchased this last time Woot had it. Beware that it is very hard for little ones to climb, awkward spaces with no place to put their feet to climb up. Better for 6 and up, I’d say.

I bought the previous version of this a few years ago for my 2yr old nephew. I figured I’d be happy if it lasted a couple years. It’s still going strong even in the Texas heat.

Pay attention when you’re assembling it as it’s like a puzzle. I’ll save you some agony, they ship you a special doodad to take the pieces apart if you connected them incorrectly. We didn’t know what that doodad was and spent an hour trying to get two pieces apart.

This one is improved in that there are horizontal poles for little feet.

My nephew is small for his age but he could get around on it within a few weeks with help and on his own not long after that.

Throw a blanket or sheet over it and you have a cool tent.

Meh, it’s a half-dodecahedron with a pentagonal prism on top. What’s the mystery?

What is it made of?