LILIPI Pepperoni Pizza Pillow

LILIPI Pepperoni Pizza Pillow
Price: $18.99
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Condition: New


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Now the Woot pillows seem like a bargain.

That’s exactly what I was coming to post! I’d love to get this as a gag gift for a couple of people, but it’s more than I can justify spending for that purpose…

I love pizza, not sure I’d want an inedible version though, no doubt I’d try and eat it lol!

shit. I thought we were going to get $00.14 pizza for lunch.

Delicious! Mmmmm Poly-fill!

I was hoping this was another BOC, but no. It’s just a POC.

ah, yes, the elusive “pillow of charcuterie.” <;)

What is up with all the over priced pillows? Do people actually but this stuff?

At least the monkey is cute. You can get this at Kmart for $5

really? i didn’t think there were any more kmarts around…

$19 for a pillow that looks like pizza? Are people really buying this stuff at that price?

I figured this had to be some sort of hidden Buy of Confusion. Losing faith in Woot-offs