Lili's Gourmix Keto Baking Mixes, 3 Pack

Lili's Gourmix Keto Baking Mixes, 3 Pack

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three mixes for 30 bucks? ahhh no.

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Especially when the serving size is one 12g pancake… that’s not even a silver dollar, that’s a wooden nickel. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Pro tip: xanthan gum. And Spinach Tiger has the best chocolate cake recipe. Was favored by everyone keto AND non-keto I tested it on (compared to duncan hines boxed moist chocolate cake)

" We do NOT ship. We offer pickup or delivery in the greater Nashville/Williamson Country Area."


Do you know which one you’re thinking of? “Chocolate cake” on their site finds a load of recipes… (Probably all good, but a recommendation is better…)

High cost aside, one of their pics says 3g carbs per serving. However, it says 7g carbs per serving on the nutrition label, so which is it?

Screenshot 2021-06-23 at 05-22-38 Lili's Gourmix Keto Baking Mixes, 3 Pack - $28 99 - Free shipping for Prime members

Screenshot 2021-06-23 at 05-18-35 Lili's Gourmix Keto Baking Mixes, 3 Pack - $28 99 - Free shipping for Prime members

Also, the pic is a bit misleading. It makes you think that the entire stack of 6 pancakes has a total of 3g carbs.

7 total carbs minus 4 dietary fiber equals 3 net carbs.


On their website, these are 13.95 each plus shipping and WalMart has the same. Keto products are stupidly expensive. That being said, this is a deal.

HOWEVER, the ingredients are anything but Keto. Gluten-free rolled oats, soluble corn fiber (prebiotic), gluten-free oat flour, whey protein concentrate, casein, whey protein isolate, gluten-free oat fiber, golden flax seeds, tapioca flour, baking powder, chia seeds, stevia extract, xanthan gum, vanilla powder.

I saw the nutrition label listed but not the ingredients. Woot, please add the ingredients list. These are too expensive for people eating Keto to purchase and then not be able to eat because the ingredients are not even close to Keto eating. These mixes are lower carb at best and still full of inflammatory ingredients. Maybe should be labeled gluten-free instead of Keto.

Not to mention, the name “Lili’s” seems to be a rip off of “Lily’s” which is an actual clean Keto brand.


Thanks, I figured it must have been something like that. I asked my wife this morning to make me a 12g pancake so I could see how big one was but she didn’t. :upside_down_face:

Sure a 12g pancake is about the size of a nickle but you get 30 servings per bag. So at least that is a bag full of wooden nickles!

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I can tell these are bigger sizes than the ones in the market sold for $10 each

12 g powder mix once mixed and made into batter might be around 30g each.

I read it and tried them. They are delicious and they are Keto friendly they don’t claim to be keto but low carb which they are. People should read and study before making false accusations which can harm.
Also sating that is a rip off is very harsh. I don’t even see them alike.
That being said I strongly recommend to learn how to read labels before writing.
I.e the difference between total and net carb.
BTW 3 g carb for a large pancake it is low carb.
Also about the inflammatory ingredients, many as you call “clean keto” has inflammatory ingredients as they are inflammatory to certain individuals. In my case rolled whole oats do not cause inflammation to me and they are fiber loaded. However erythirtol (present in many chocolates) does.
I totally recommend these mixes

Total carb-fiber=net carbs

I have bought them full price on their webpage and they three mixes are delicious. They taste like their traditional counterpart!
Nothing alike regular keto brands. These are not keto but so low carb that works for me. Plus I can tell they do not raise my blood sugar (many keto products do because of the sweeteners)
I am buying now 3 deals to make sure I have enough until they feature the deal again!
On their website they offer free shipping but this deal is even better!

This right here. Lily’s is fantastic and a trusted name in the keto world.

They’re being sold as Keto mixes. Not keto-friendly mixes. Not low carb mixes. But keto mixes, which they’re clearly NOT. Add in the deceptive name and I agree, they’re trying to cash in.

Don’t care if they did send a rep disguised as one of us to snarkily defend them and try to make them sound way better than they are. I’m keto and not touching these with a ten foot pole.


LOL maybe you are the one “disguised”
And BTw is your loss.
Don’t try them. Your loss