Lily Of The Valley Convallaria Flower Bulbs

At the top of the list it says:

“HEY! THIS BOX IS ORANGE FOR A REASON! IT’S IMPORTANT YOU READ THIS FIRST! These bulbs are being carefully cultivated to the perfect maturity before shipping to ensure they’re the perfect age for planting. Please note the shipping window.”

But of course there is no shipping window… I guess wile copying from the source info somebody forgot something.

While the Gladiolus bulbs shown in the bottom picture are nice looking, they have nothing to do with this, do they?

And finally, the current going price for Convallaria is less than $1 per plant (these are root stock like Daylilys, not actual bulbs like Tulips) NOT more than $1 per plant. Nothing to see here… move along… move along…

The shipping window is listed above the orange “add to cart” button. It says “Estimated delivery Apr 06 - Apr 11”

So a box showed up at my house today with dirt in it and some roots showing inside the bag o’ dirt. WTF? No paperwork. No instructions, no invoice… zero… zip… nada. I back tracked through my orders and determined what I have. Well… gee… thanks. Use and care? Planting instructions? NEVER AGAIN WILL I ORDER A LIVE PLANT FROM WOOT. You morons think yer funny but some of us actually want to PLANT THE SHIT… HAVE IT GROW AND EAT OR ENJOY IT. FAIL OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

just received a box with dirt too! no instructions and it looks like one bulb inside states 5. I ordered 20ordered 20? Never again

I ordered a 10 pack, I received one plant, i would like a refund. If not, I’ll cancel the charge

I’m terribly sorry for the inconvenience. We are working with the vendor to figure out what happened with these orders. In the meantime- if you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form to report the problem.

I just got my shipment of bulbs, too.

I’d read this thread and when I went to plant them, I opened the bag of potting mix and was dismayed to only find one thing in it. Had I only gotten one plant, like these other people?

I looked at it.
“Is that a rubber band?”
Took the rubber band off, and it separated into five little plants.

So now I just have to wait. It’s like watching the grass grow, but with a better payoff.