Lily's Chocolate Baking Chips, 4 Count

Lily’s Chocolate Baking Chips, 4 Count

I’m logged in to my amazon account, but when I try to purchase these I’m being charged $6 shipping. What’s going on? Won’t be buying w/o the free shipping as listed on the item page.

It was a little slow for me to take the shipping off but it did it

Slow how? The screen shows shipping and doesn’t change. Do I have to complete the purchase and then it changes? I’m not that trusting a soul.

I don’t know all the things you can try or all the resolves to the issue, so all I can say is make sure you are using the Amazon payment at checkout and if that isnt it maybe try restarting your system… that’s all I ever need

Thanks! I guess I’ll have to restart.

Here are a few more things to try. Make sure your Adblock is disabled as that can also hinder it.

  • If you are using the Microsoft Edge browser, and encountering issues logging into Prime, we ask that you switch browsers to Chrome or Firefox.

  • If you’re having difficulties with your browsers, we ask that you open up a web page in Incognito or Private mode and that should give you a fresh page free of cookies to then log in to your account.

  • If these aren’t working on your browser, please try logging in with prime via your mobile browser or app.

Hopefully this helps!

Actually, Chrome was the problem. Switched to Safari and it worked fine. Must be an extension problem.

Thanks, everyone!


Anyone know if these are the larger or smaller size chips?

Average size. I believe Lily’s only makes one size.

Awesome price on chocolate I often buy for low carb desserts.

Stocked up. :+1:

Darn, was so excited, but got an e-mail saying they couldn’t fulfill my order. :frowning:

Grrrr… based on sales stats I was in the first 50% of sales and mine is canceled…
Hello there,

Woot here with some bad news: we’re unable to completely fulfill your order and are issuing a refund to your account ASAP.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. If you need any further help please contact


Hi there. These were fulfilled from an Amazon warehouses. Orders get split between different warehouses and may not be pulled in the order they were placed. It’s kinda out of our hands.

Pretty poor customer experience to oversell a product, Woot is trying to oversell seats just like the Airline industry?

Based on that new fact, it sounds like instead of placing 1 order of 3 I should have placed 3 orders of 1, I’d have better odds.

Again, apologies. We don’t intentionally oversell. Sometimes the inventory number is incorrect or some of the inventory was deemed unusable.

All that trouble getting my order placed and then it’s cancelled!

I was so much more disappointed than when I get boxes of crap! But then again, it was 27.98 back in my account and likely a few pounds I didn’t gain, so what the heck.

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For future reference, the Lily’s chocolate chips are pretty small.

I have a bag in the cupboard but if I open them to take a photo, well then I am toast. Best to leave that for when I actually need them for a recipe. :rofl:

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