Limefuel 15000 mAh 2.1A USB Battery Pack

Time to check out the product page


Reviews at Amazon are very good and the price here is $20 cheaper. Seems like a good deal.

Reviews are always good to read, but you can’t compare price at all since Amazon owns Woot.

Can’t compare price? What does that even mean? Are you saying it’s a different currency?

Say what? We’re an independent subsidiary. We have our own team of buyers.

Dude I want it sells it for $34

I have the 20000mAh version and I love it.

Maybe is a conspiracy theory that Amazon would raise its price so people who go from here to Amazon would think it’s a great deal.

I don’t buy it. But it’s so clever that if I’m ever operating a massive online retailer with subsidiaries I’m totally doing it.

Damit…bought this and went on Amazon and the 20,000 man version is only $34. Oh well. It works pretty well. Used it today and it charged my phone up pretty quick.