Limited Edition Green Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set – 2 Pack

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Limited Edition Green Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set - 2 Pack
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Bucky Magnets, How do they work?

Magnets. Great, cue 20 pages of ICP jokes.

more over priced rare earth magnets, booo

Pretty much everyone loves buckyballs.

Since this is a woot exclusive, shouldn’t this have a pope hat? (woot launch badge)

I got a set for Christmas, they are great for some stress relief at work!

A good sample video of what they do!

Wouldn’t be the first time I got green balls on St. Patty’s Day!

My dogs and cats will eat these. They don’t read woot! warning labels.

I got some for my teenage son for Christmas and they are really cool!! He finds it both entertaining and slightly maddening to get the polarities just right for creating complex shapes.

They are definitely a bit smaller than they were in my pre-purchase mental image.

Totally got two sets of 2!!! I love buckyballs, and now that they’re in green, I couldn’t pass 'em up!!! $15 a set isn’t too bad either!

what makes them limited???

Irish these were a little cheaper.

See what I did there? Huh?

Did you spray paint them green just for today?

Happy St. Patty’s day!
Pinch to whoever forgot to wear green!

I think I’ll wait until they come out with blue balls … :wink:

at least they’re not blue.

so two poles walked into a metal bar…

I LOVE my silver balls… should I get some green ones too? Might as well!

So who will be the first to post the video of the CEO being an a.5.5