Limited Edition Green Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set – 2 Pack

Not to gripe, but wouldn’t these have made a bit more sense to offer over a week ago? Ok, maybe I’m trying to gripe just a little. But making a green top hat kinda loses some of the fun over a week after St Patrick’s Day.

Here’s a completely biased review of Buckyballs compared to Zen Magnets.

I do love my buckyballs. But I’m on my second set that is wearing with the coating coming off. Buckyballs themselves already replaced one set, and now the second set is wearing meaning the shiny part comes off leaving a black, smelly, mess underneath.

These are cheaper during the woot-offs, aren’t they?

I’m slightly confused about these. What do they do?

I’m guessing they’re just one of those things you keep at your desk to occupy yourself with during particularly boring moments?


Okay, so I discovered the useful video someone posted above. These seem cool, but I’d likely just create various “magnet blobs” of no particular appeal. Then I’d get angry and throw them across the room.

The mom in me makes me repost this

Product Warning: KEEP AWAY FROM ALL CHILDREN! Do not put in nose or mouth. Swallowed magnets can stick together across intestines causing serious infections and death. Seek medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled. Buckyballs should be kept away from electrical or magnetic devices, including but not limited to credit cards, hard drives, or pacemakers. If a Buckyball should become damaged or cracked, discontinue use immediately.


Remember the words of my vet, after my dog decided to attack a box of crap and chew up everything inside, including an old, dried out battery.

They lure you into complacency and then they make their move!

Rusty had been left alone in the house for months without destroying anything. Thank goodness the battery was dried out. No acid.

Although if you are in an adult only household, people do enjoy Buckyballs. I know I would have ordered them by now if I didn’t have the dog.

I’m going to make lovely green bucky ball jewelery with these. But will probably end up choking myself somehow.

tg, i got my grandparents some for christmas and have been wanting them for myself ever since. i missed both chances on the woot-off! guess the luck is with the Irish this year!

Yes, you play with these balls because they’re more appropriate to play with at work than some others…

Yes I did read the entire write up in Mike Rowe’s voice. Thanks for that woot!

If you want to know what they “do” then look at this video on their website:

As for the “deal,” it is just regular pricing but offering a color they don’t normally offer. Not worth it to me just to get green…

Normally these are made in China, but this special, green glowing edition comes from Japan…somewhere near a power plant.

Dear Lord, I apologize for that, bless the starving Pygmy’s down there in New Guinea, amen.

History channel has great programming still, like Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy!

these are made out of Green KRYPTONITE !!!

Any relation?

Second cousin twice removed.

Guess we know why these aren’t on Kids.Woot.

WARNING: Your kid is gonna die if he/she comes near these, have them avoid BuckyBalls at all costs.

in for one…they are so fun to play with

totally friggin agreed… my co-worker has them and they are excellent in stress relieving… got 2 2packs for ultra stress relief


If you, your child, or your pet swallows one of these, seek immediate medical attention.

Read how a thirteen-year-old girl used a couple of magnetic balls to pretend she had a tongue piercing…and nearly died as a result:
(or search the web for “magnetic ball danger”)

I’m mostly concerned with someone buying these now, and sometime in the future, a kid finds them and swallows some of them.

Been itching to get a set of magnetic balls (no brand loyalty yet!) for quite some time. Couldn’t pass up a pair, and in green no less. In for 1, and pretty excited!