Limited Edition Green Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set – 2 Pack

I have the black, silver, and gold ones… Why not green too!!

In for one set.

Looks radioactive!
Many apologies to any Japanese citizen reading my comment… :frowning:

I have some, they are really entertaining to play with and make great gifts.

Keep in mind, these might be hard to get replacements for since they are green.

Above is one of the few ways one can have “itching” and “balls” in the same sentence without offending anyone.

That said, I may have to get a set so I can spending St. Patty’s day playing with my green Irish (magnetic) balls.

ICP jokes? How do they work?

some people, mostly stupid people, have to learn the hard way.

wow is that for real? Looks like i won’t be buying buckyballs from a greedy,egotistic, sue happy, company set on crushing the competition to keep a monopoly.
Oh crap! now I guess they will sue me for libel. Why not go after woot/amazon for having this comment hosted on their site. After that go after google/youtube for hosting that video.

Zen Magnets are way better than Buckyballs. Make sure to watch this video.

My husband is Irish and 5’4". He doesn’t get enough leprechaun jokes, now he is going to be in his office playing with his little green balls.

If you really want to see what magnet spheres are capable of, should check out They take things pretty seriously over there. Also for all brands.

that is EXACTLY what I was thinking… what good are these to order ON SPD. not excited!:spades: not getting them… and really you can get all colors in these magnets and MUCH CHEEPER without the Zen Magnet/Neocube/Buckyball marketing or name brand. Zen actually gives you want you pay for without all the chipping so for the money google the colorful ones and youll find better prices and larger quantities! good luck… Im over it…

I have a set of the basic silver Buckyballs. They’re fun to mess around with but the outer coating has chipped off on every single ball. I would imagine, after time, the green Buckyballs won’t look so hot.

Since this isn’t really a deal on price, I don’t think they’re worth the buy. Just my $0.02

And its not even Tuesday

i suppose like the black set I got off of here these will fade to a very lightly tented greenish silver color… Ill pass!

Totally in for a set due to the green color being like a poison dart frog’s coloring so it’s like it’s own warning not to eat it.

It’s still Tuesday on the west coast.

So excited to order these for my husband. He has been trying to convince me it was a great idea at Brookstone for $30 for 1 set. Awesome price and he will be tickled…green I guess.

Ohhhhhhhh. I get it. They’re green. Because it’s St. Patrick’s Day. Hey, Woot! even got in on the theme and has their banner all green. And all the banners around the site are green. Oh no wait, those are always like that aren’t they.

As chip-prone as these things are, I suspect that green is going to really put the “limited” in limited edition. Happy Irish fella running snakes off an island (that hasn’t had snakes on it for about 10,000 years anyway, feh) day. I’ll take any excuse to drink in this economy.

Well that was rather interesting. Thanks for the link.