Limited Edition Green Buckyballs 216 Piece Magnetic Set – 2 Pack

For being limited edition, these sure do pop up a lot on Woot…

Buckyballs are a cheap knockoff of Zen Magnets, that cost twice as much

St. Patrick’s Day special!

Have there ever been blue bucky balls?

Agreed. It’s like they want to help erase all mailed magnetic media during shipping!

Go green

yay! junk!


Okay, so, I actually got a chance to play with these at a local hobby-store.

I understand why they’re as expensive as they are. I also now understand why they’re SO FREAKIN’ AWESOME!

And lastly, I also get why this deal is so great on Woot!, because the ones I got my paws on were 30 bucks for 1!

Damn, they were so much fun, they guy behind the counter eventually said I had to give them back and go buy something.

These are 15 a set. Where can I get Zen Magnets for 7.50 a set? You have made my day.

I bought these last time they were offered in green. They’re fantastic! They fascinate everyone, regardless of age. Everyone who plays with them comes up with something new. I haven’t seen the green ones offered since then (and I bought them months ago), so BUY them! You won’t be sorry. They’re the most attractive color…hypnotic, almost.

Hmmm, guess I should have hit “I Want One” instead of writing a review. . .

I bought a set just like this on St. Patty’s Day, and I really enjoy them. I tried to jump in on this, but they sold out too quickly.

A couple of comments about these balls.

  1. If you lose one or more of these from a set, it severely limits the kinds of geometric shapes you can make. Most patterns are based on 3’s, and 216 makes a cube. Lose one, no more cube (unless you use the other set).

  2. After months of use, the green paint DOES start to chip and fall off, leaving specks of green dust behind.

  3. They are seriously a ton of fun! But they ARE magnetic, and are also therefore easy to lose if they fall on the floor in an environment full of metal office furniture!

Yes, when Mrs. Bucky left town for 2 weeks on business…

I missed these again :frowning: dang it! if anyone ordered a extra that they would like to sell, I’m in the market for a 2 pack. Thanks!

I missed these too. Please bring them back for the deal of the whole day! I had seen them before, but I did not know what they are or how cool they are! I am going to be in for two or three sets!