Limited Edition Patriotic Buckyballs 144-Piece Magnetic Set - 3 Pack + The Big Book of Bucky Vol 1

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Limited Edition Patriotic Buckyballs 144-Piece Magnetic Set - 3 Pack + The Big Book of Bucky Vol 1
$34.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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seems like everyone usually has a lot of fun with these… might pick some up for the office.

Ah, this brings me back to the joys (cough dread and anguish) of high school chemistry. Loves playing with Buckyballs though, so I definitely recommend. :slight_smile:

So what’s been the consensus, the color usually rubs off?

I have six sets from a previous woot, plus one set from a BOC. As tempting as another three sets is (plus the book!), my fiance’ would not approve this expenditure.

Damn it Woot… Gold/Silver/Black/Green all adorn my cube, how did you know I’d feel compelled to collect the new colors? And for that matter, why’d you have to jam all of ‘em into one set, instead of letting me mix-and-match (don’t really need another set of silver, but I guess I’m gettin’ 'em anyway!)?!?

I have the black and the gold, and the colors do not just rub off. I don’t know how these are painted but I expect them to be colored in the same way as mine.

Hell of a deal, especially with the book! A perfect wedding gift for wacky friends who teach chemistry for a living!

The “regular” Buckyball packs usually contain 216 pieces. This one is equivalent to 2 of those packs, not 3, so take that into account when doing your price comparison.

I have one. They’re strangely addictive.

Well, at least it should arrive in time for the 4th of July.

This is a really good price…a single set directly from zoomdoggle starts at 34.95 and goes up from there.

My Magic 8-Ball ™ says: All signs point to “Yes”.

Already have 4 sets of the gold ones. Just can’t resist some more. It’s limited edition guys!

I find the color does wear off quickly but they are tons of fun and still really cool. Great for the office.

The green ones I got a while back had the color flake off a bit, if I played with them more often the green would probably be almost completely gone. So tempting to buy these however.

Anyone have a good idea how many of these it would take stuck to the bottom of a motorcycle so it will trip the induction sensors at stoplights?

I’ve heard rare earth magnets are strong enough, but they’re not easy to shop for. Maybe if you spread some all around the bottom of the frame?

Can you make the US Flag with these?

Sooo cool. I want. I’ve been waiting for these to reappear.

The verdict appears to be mixed on the Buckyball colors rubbing off. Apparently they do quickly on the cheaper ones, but it takes a while (if at all) on the Buckyballs.

Will bucky stick to the fridge door?