Limited Edition Silver Buckyballs 144-Piece Magnetic Set

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Limited Edition Silver Buckyballs 144-Piece Magnetic Set
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Get zen magnets… they’re way better in every way!

Worth the money…

Arnt they all silver??

Just fyi, but it also says this is the Patriotic Buckyballs 3 pack in the description

I thought that I’d use the ones I got here before way more, but the novelty wears off quickly with these :frowning: $15 is a great steal though


i wouldn’t lose sleep if i never saw buckyballs on woot ever again. hint, hint.

We love ours but never place then in your mouth. Extreme danger if you swallow more than one of them

not really, they flake way quicker

Crap, that didn’t last very long. :frowning: Tried to get with bar at 100%. As bad as Bagola of Crapola.

I’m hoping woot sells bucky cubes soon.

Yeah, I hoping Woot still has the balls.

Nooooo, I missed today’s and I just discovered them! I need some of my own!!!