Lincoln Logs Shady Pine Homestead



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Lincoln Logs Shady Pine Homestead
$29.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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I dropped a big lincoln log.


one would think this would be under the KIDS woot, rather than the normal…


Aww… I like this!! Cheaper anywhere else??


Remember the days of “one day, one deal,” and the Woot-off was full of gadgets galore? Me either…


Sigh. Just had to say that didn’t you. First post too.

Needs graphic though.



I once built an entire amazon warehouse with a few of these sets


That was pre-Amazon days. The good days when times were better.


Well, we went over an hour before the Amazon bashing started.


And the horses and carts that came with them really cut down on shipping costs


Wasn’t Shady Pines the nursing home on Golden Girls?


I still have lincoln logs from the 80s. Kind of wish this was under ‘kids’ though.




Holy doo doo, these are $40 at Toys-R-Us


I remember when a WooT Off would be 1/2 hard drives 8-10 GIG, big ones


It’s not a proper woot without a poop joke!


also the name of the nursing home in the “kick the can” segment in the twilight zone movie.


I’m not necessarily bashing, but it is vastly different…it’s almost like the old Woot-offs were Jefferson Airplane, and the new Woot-offs are more Starship. Different animals with the same purpose…