Line Shack Monterey County Syrah (6)



Line Shack Monterey County 2009 Syrah 6-Pack
$74.99 $128.25 42% off List Price
2009 Syrah, San Antonio Valley AVA, Monterey County
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I haven’t had this one, but Line Shack Petite Sirah has been one of my favorites.


This is another that we tasted at the Chicago Woot gathering last Firday. My notes:

Nose of cherry which then evolved into black licorice with swirling. Lots of licorice. Taste: licorice, spice, lots of pepper, with underlying cherry notes and maybe a hint of chocolate. Some vanilla on the finish. Smooth, with some nice tannins.

I liked it. Now I want a burger…or something grilled… :tongue:

jmdavidson and/or funbunny, if you are intersted in a split (2- or 3-way) let me know!! :slight_smile: I don’t have space for 6…and i’m trying to save for the Mainstreet event that usually ends up costing me way more than I plan!


This says it’s available to ship to NJ. Is this a misprint, or is it actually available here?


NJ isn’t on the no-go list that I saw. Any special reason you ask?


How predominate were the black licorice flavors? Its one of the few things in this world that I really don’t like


Low on Syrah at the moment so this is tempting. Other than the tasting notes here(much appreciated), I can’t find much on this wine. Need something to nudge me over the fence.


To the best of my recollection, the licorice was much more prominent on the nose than the palate, but definitely present in both. On the nose, I initially got the cherry and pepper. The licorice came in after a fair bit of swirling and sipping, but once I reconized it, it was definitely there. I actually liked it but traditionally hate black licorice and would never eat it. The licorice was soft, not “pungent” as it sometimes can seem. This was my second favorite of the Woot wines we tasted that evening.

I’m sure jmdavidson and funbunny will drop by with their notes sometime today. I brought a friend with me to the event…she also noted some licorice but more pepper on the palate, with some vanilla on the finish.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Tasted this about a week ago at the Wine Woot gathering. Upon opening it, found the color to be deep with a slight smell of oak. Initial flavors were soft dark fruits, with a little tartness, and I did not notice ny oakiness. I thought it was a little on the dry side and after checking found that the alcohol was 14%. Others at the party who tasted it noted: 1)Great wine. Light and smooth; and 2) Softer syrah. Fruity but enough tannins to balance the anise which was tasted at the end. The consensus was a buy, especially at this price.


Good morning to all you Wooters Bob & Daphne here from the Line Shack Winery in Paso Robles Ca. Thank you for your comments. I get the black licorice but personally I sometimes get that confused with bacon and or anise notes. Gotta love that bacon. This is a warm climate style Syrah we made from a field blend of 3 clones of Syrah. They all come off about the same time but we tend to get it pretty ripe for the fruit forward flavors and balance of acidity and ph…Recently was voted best of class for the Central Coast at the California State Fair. Personally my favorite wine we produce and I cant seem to keep my Dad in stock.


If it’s good by Dad, that works for me… In for one… But darn, I should have waited a day to buy the coffee, so I could have had free shipping… :open_mouth:


Had the pleasure of meeting Bob and Daphne at the Family Winemakers tasting. Solid syrah here; I distinctly remember the bacon! Great wine, great QPR and great folks. They make a tasty Roussanne too…


Indeed, they do!!


Ah…the licorice/anise is a bit of a conundrum for me. I tend to use the terms interchangably, as I don’t really differentiate between them very well (if at all).

There was bacon??? How could I miss the bacon??? I love bacon!!!


We had this last night at our tasting, and because it was a syrah we thought it might need some decanting so we threw it into the decanter and came back to it about 2 hours later after tasting a few other wines. From what we got off of the wine, we think maybe it was decanted for too long as it didn’t seem to have much to it other than the heat of the alcohol. There was some dark black fruit there, but it was a struggle to pull anything specific out.
We’re sad to have what missed seems to have been a great wine based on what the others are saying, especially at this price point. Goes to show that you should give tastes of a wine at the very beginning and at intervals during a decanting if you are doing that. We just had many other wines to taste that it didn’t cross anyone’s mind to do so.


this times a billion


I hate black licorice. Have been spitting out the black jellybeans since I was a wee lad.

I’d describe the note more like anise or fennel, and its swirled in with bacon and mocha and dark fruit… It’s a nice plethora (¿El Guapo, what is a plethora?) of warm-climate Syrah flavors.

A lot going on for the price.


I might need to buy this specifically because you busted out EL GUAPO!!!


I’m good for a Three Amigos or Fletch quote from time to time.

But if you like syrah, you should buy this. I type with confidence that at $12.50 a bottle, the supermarket/bevmo syrahs don’t stand up to this.