Welcome to Misfits VI.


New misfits, same as the old misfits.


I think I misfit in here better than I misfit in the last one.

. . . maybe it’s because when I first read the name, I thought it said, “LINGERIE IN SPACE: . . .”


Not bad. Not bad. Needs a few pictures on the wall but it’ll do nicely.


I’m all for lingerie. I think a woman’s lingerie looks best when it’s on the floor. :wink:


One picture up.

A quickie.


Lets see: we already have:
lingerie on the floor,
and not surprisingly, a quickie.

sounds like misfits home to me!


*Stepping over KT’s lingerie" Can’t believe she just drops it when she takes it off.


hi all

they closed the old misfits a little early…


You’ve prolly read it in PWA already. They’re closing threads at 100 pages now.


havent checked it yet - thanks


I plan to be the Alpha and the Omega… see you on page 100!


Hey! Careful with that thread; you’ll unravel the solar system!!


I think it’s the basis of Steven Hawkings string theory.


She’ll end up with a pile of twine at her galactic feet!


New digs!!!
Almost got lost on my way here…
Still at work … Headin’ home soon
I’ll catch up later…:slight_smile:

edit: hey, I got last post on Yammer, Woo!Hoo!!!


not even. Hawking had nothing to do with string theory.

His was black holes, and a bunch of crap about how they behave.


U’ked got a last post and all I got was a lousy T-shirt. Wait, I didn’t even get that!


Was I that far off? Maybe I was thinking of Steven Spielberg… or string cheese.


Well, pick some lingerie up off the floor then.