Link2Home Fixed Mount up to 57 in

Link2Home Fixed Mount up to 57 in

So just nail it to drywall, no studs required!? No special nails included? I don’t see how this thing is going to stay on the wall.

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Antigravity. This is a bargain!

Or physics … no, real physics. But I’d use some good drywall anchors. Or a different mount. With lag bolts. In the studs.

The main point is that the assembly is so thin - anything sticking farther out from the wall would likely have enough leverage to pull mounting hardware out of sheet rock. Very much like most picture hangers which pull straight down on the pins, nails, etc. and never seem to pull loose under load. But yeah, some anchors would be appropiate.

How flat is this against the wall? I mean will there be any space between the tv and the wall?

Pictures show a clearance of 0.83 inches.

Is there any mounting hardware included with this, especially for attaching the the flat panel tv to the bracket?

Also the features section states holds up to 100 lbs, but the first bullet states max weight is 88 lbs.

Hi! From the vendor: all hardware needed is included in the packaging. Thanks for pointing out the discrepancy, we’ll get that fixed. It should be 88 lbs.

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This install (as pictured) would be highly dependent upon the size and clearance requirements for anything that has to CONNECT to the TV. For that un-cluttered appearance, you’ll have to bring wiring out of the wall behind the TV, at a location specific to the particular TV, which may warrant a junction box or two to recess connector bodies into the wall (and give wiring room to turn corners), and therefore knowledge of where the studs are (useful info). Plan ahead, measure twice, cut once. This could be fun.

But then, my security arrangements for my biggest screen involve 1" square metal tubing with thru-holes every inch, fastened to the VESA mount points and then a plastic-sheathed airplane-cable (a bike lock, basically) runs thru the square tubing (locking the mounting bolts in place). If you work it right, the eyebolts into the studs in the wall, supporting the cable right at both ends of the square tubing, are behind the TV, which can rotate up/away from the wall just enough for the “head of the snake” (with keyhole) to fit into the double-gang junction box where the video and power cables come out. Someone might break the TV from frustration, but the TV isn’t going to easily walk away.

I obsessed about “not again” after losing a TV once. And THIS trick can move with you, altho for clean-up you’d probably want a double-gang coverplate to go over the visible junction box, and some patches where the eyebolts came out…