Link2Home Indoor Puck Light, White, 4pk

Link2Home Indoor Puck Light, White, 4pk

That is very funny, I was just in a Costco (about an hour ago), and they had a new item, it was 4 battery-powered lights, that were rectangular in shape, and had a remote control that looked exactly like this one! So it’s got to be some common ancestry in these. just the light units are a different shape and the Costco ones had a “stainless-steel look” finish instead of white.

They looked like a decent little system. Of course, it’s silly to use battery-powered lights if you don’t have to – or at least, put in good rechargeable batteries. Looked like they would be good in things like my RV closet were it’s always dark and I can’t see things in the back. (but then I wouldn’t really need the remote for that). The Costco ones did have a little switch you could tap for high/low/off. These might have the same. I might order one of these and buy a set at Costco and compare them. BTW Costco price was $19.99 so in this case the “suggested retail” is actually realistic!

[Edit] Just remembered Costco ones were AA batteries, and came with batteries (12 of them). So that’s a bonus, the value of the batteries. Note that all the Costco Chinese bundles with batteries, even though they have Energizer or Duracell batteries, those batteries are made in China. I’ve always suspected they may not be as good as when you buy the pack of batteries which are usually made in the US. As I said if I buy that set, I’ll probably use rechargeables and keep those bundled AAs for other things.

This set does not come with the “free” batteries, and the lights use AAA which of course are smaller since it’s a smaller light. Downside is that AAAs contain less stored power, but cost the same as (sometimes more than) AAs.

EDIT2: One photo shows “battery powered” with AA written in the picture. Description says 3xAAA required ( not included )

Thanks for the callout on the batteries. One puck light needs 3 X AAA batteries.

We’ll be updating the photo too.