Link2Home Sofa Socket

Link2Home Sofa Socket

Good way to start a fire on your couch. Any discount is not worth the risk.

Do we have anyone who recommends these…Seems like a ridiculous item to me…I could be wrong…My opinion…

What a stupid idea for a product. Running live wires through your couch cushions is just asking for a fire.

I bought 2 of these last year. The USB ports started to die in both. The manufacturer eventually replaced them (very difficult to contact), but both replacements died the same way. No fires in the cushions, but when your phone is charging through your couch and starts cutting in and out and giving you slow charging warnings, it’s not worth the risk. My boyfriend kept them to keep as extension cords because the plugs still work, but I haven’t let him use them. :grimacing:

I have a hard time imagining that enough people thought this was a good idea that it was actually manufactured and distributed.

Actually I thought it was a good idea. But on the other I am shopping here on New Year’s Eve so perhaps I have questionable judgement.