Linksys 500GB Media Hub Home Entertainment Storage

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This looks like a NAS (network attached storage) box. It’s a good deal, especially if you don’t want to use an older computer for the same purpose (like what I am currently doing).

Ps3 & Xbox360 compatible, fraking sweet… sweet a$$ sweet…

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What makes this worth $160?

I’m seeing 1TB external drives for around $100.

For example: amazon /Seagate-FreeAgent-Desktop-External-ST310005FDA2E1-RK/dp/B001FWEETK

I’m a fan of NAS devices, but this doesn’t seem like a good deal to me when a Buffalo Linkstation runs around $140 for a 1TB system.

Since this device seems to have two drive bays available (but only ships with one 500GB drive), you could probably upgrade it, but then you’d still end up paying more. Woot Info Post
is it in you?!

Linksys 500GB Media Hub Home Entertainment Storage [New] - $159.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Linksys NMH305 Media Hub 500GB Network Attached Storage

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2 stars at CNet, 4 stars at Amazon, and 5 eggs at NewEgg.

Only one review at each place, though. Bummer.

Can I put USB hubs in the ports and have 2 7 port usb hubs with 14 drives attached?
Right now I’m using an airport base station extreme, and it only has 1 usb hub and I’m running out of space.

The fact that it can stand alone on a network, rather than have to be directly connected to an individual computer?

Does this stream directly through your wireless network, or does it pass through a webserver first?

Anyone know how this is on power consumption?

Amazon high

Checking the reviews, it looks like this is significantly sub-par compared to a ‘real’ NAS solution when it comes to performance as far as file transfers; even equipped with a gigabit ethernet port, it’d best be described as ‘pokey’.

On the up side, it appears to be oriented toward non-techie users on an interface level. May end up grabbing one for my parents, or a Mac-using friend.

PS- When it comes to streaming to the X360 from this, be aware of the playback limitations of the console… they’re pretty strict on what it can play, and this doesn’t appear to offer any transcoding functions to get around that.

Looking at the images on Linksys’s website, I say it looks like it will stream the content without the need of a webserver.

So what’s the difference for this when my 500GB External Harddrive holds all my entertainment for $40 less?

Did I read this wrong or does this upload your stuff to a remote site? I’m too lazy and tired to read it again… something about a subscription fee after the first year…

I’m a fan of NAS too. I really wish there were more product options out there.

Anyways, I bought a Western Digital My Book World Edition (1TB) a while back. I don’t remember how much I paid, but I don’t think it was too terribly more expensive than this guy. In fact, if you do a google search for “western digital my book world edition 1tb” you’ll see a retailer pop up selling it for $170 (list price, on sale–4+ star rating on from their website’s reviews).

So, this box doesn’t seem too attractive.

See karimarie’s answer above.