Linksys 500GB Media Hub Home Entertainment Storage


BAD DEAL you can get twice as much memory for $99

This may be a longgggggggg wait

So it’s basically just an external hard drive right?

I would also like to point out that it DOES NOT have support for Windows 7.

Hub costs twice as much on Amazon


Dude, that is way too expensive for just 500 gigs.

A terabyte maybe, but 500 gigs? PASS

green techno babble

I think i can goto bed on that note.

a clog in the woot pipe

I got a 1TB for that much…Such a rip off for 500GB lol…O well…Someone will want it I guess.

And you even have to start paying after the first year DUH!!

All this negative talk won’t get this sold.

$239.26 & this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping

If you are looking for one, this is a good deal.

That one has an LCD…this one doesn’t :frowning:

Is there a woot alert that has price compare built in?

not just an external harddrive people…

Yeah, you can get the same amount of memory for less, but if you want this one particularly, the Woot price is pretty good. It normally goes for a lot more.

When in doubt, C4!

Not too bad of a price, but I’ve personally had some really bad problems with a few Linksys devices. Linksys customer service/helpdesk is abysmal as well, so if you have any problems with it you’re pretty much on your own.