Linksys AC1750 Wireless AC Dual-Band Router

I was looking at this router, but after being burned by a previous linksys “smart” router, i looked it up. sure enough, this one has just as many remote exploits available for it as the other one i had. seems linksys isn’t a brand to trust for a home router anymore.

Is this version 1 or version 2 hardware?

trying to find out the limits on the routers with USB ports for storage. My dad has a 4TB external that he wants to connect, but most routers don’t say what the largest drive you can connect is, and the few that do top out at 2TB. Any of these capable of 4TB?


I have both the v1 and v2 of these. I put DD-WRT (you’ll find the files in the beta section of the downloads) on each of them and they have been pretty steady. I wouldn’t run the stock firmware as it seems to be a bit buggy. They run a little hot but have been going for about a year now. I’d be in if I didn’t already have multiple routers running in the house due to weird plumbing and such.