Linksys AC1900 Wireless AC 2x2 Router

Man, this thing keeps getting cheaper. I bought it a few months back and it’s been great. Network map is nice, port forwarding and reserving IP addresses is easy. Great signal/range and no issues with lost packets. 3.0 USB port on the back is great for creating an easy network file share. Would buy again.

Reading through prior discussions here, it seems like this is likely V1 hardware rather than V2. There’s this comment from lanceyoder:

But that wasn’t ever confirmed by “Staff,” who said they’d check.

Also, does anyone know the differences between the various hardware versions, other than processor speed? I.e. is compatible open firmware more compatible with one version than the other?

Last time this came up, I checked mine and it was v1 hardware.

They have just confirmed that these are indeed V1! I am sorry for the delay.

Got one of the 1900s in a woot sale a month ago - working great!

Buyer beware
There are two versions of this router that use the exact same sku. Google it. V1 has a fan, has unreliable drivers in the imbedded chipsets, has crashing issues and only has 256MB of ram. V2 has no fan, drivers that are very stable and V2 compatible only, 512MB of ram, and an insignificant slightly higher clock speed. These 2 versions with the same SKU explain why online reviewers either love or hate this thing. Version 2 is solid and reliable with the June 2015 Firmware release. Everything prior is just too buggy to recommend. To check for V2 look for 1.3Ghz on the packaging not 1Ghz or 1.2Ghz. Also V2 will be listed as ‘Rev A01’ while V1 is listed as ‘Rev D00’. Finally V1 will have a serial number starting with 13J1 and V2 begin with 13J2. There is a noticeable difference in reliability and performance between the 2. Odds are if you see any box store offering a rebate or good sale they are trying to clear out old V1 stock, but to everyones advantage Linksys used the same SKU so you can always try to price match if you find a version 2 at any reatail store. I’ve spotted Version 2 in some stores. The best thing to do is go in to the store and look in person.

These V1 devices for sale here have been refurbished, so it’s possible many of the issues you cite have been resolved. Mine works great.

Refurbished how? What changes were made?

Perhaps Woot can check with Linksys to get detailed information as to what types of changes were made?

Refurbished units will be refurbished to the point that they are still working as if they were new, beyond that we’re not really privy to any changes they’ve made.

Thanks Woot! pass

Bought one of these shortly after it came out on market due combo modem/router not playing nicely with Comcast. Was Really great when I first got it but updates have been slow if not nonexistent for v1 and that is what I believe is root of issues with random drop connections and vast differences in speeds with no given reason. Also beware if you plan on throwing open software on it because they are just now starting to actually work with open source party’s to finally provide this option they advertise on the box as being already done. Do I regret it? No, I love getting 175+ Mbps over wireless but as of lately I’ve been thinking of replacing it but will hold out to see what dd Wrt can resolve. Also to get optimal performance you have to leave Network modes set to mixed, no option for ac only or 40mhz channel width have to leave at auto and hope it does what it’s supposed to. Hopefully refurbished ones have had issues fixed but unsure if it’s hardware issue but more so issue with Firmware.

Guys, just to let you know, I bought one of this routers about 6 months ago, I have been using it 24/7 without any of these issues, the range is really nice and its fast. To be honest I don’t like the GUI, but once it’s running, you’ll never need to be there again ;), so my advice is: if you need it, Go for it!

Understood, though knowing more details would be helpful for some of us who are on the fence.

For anyone interested in using DD-WRT on this router, there appear to be build(s) targeting V1.

I appreciate the comments regarding the 2 versions. I too am trying to decide and I am very reluctant to buy a product from a company that is so deceptive. It is simply wrong to put out two versions of an electronic product under the same model number that have differing performance. There is no justification for such deception. You should not have to know “versions” or special specifications to look for. You should only need to know the model number.

Will this work with windows 10 or Yosemite?

agree…that is why I passed!

I decided to pass as well. I went to Newegg’s site to read some reviews since they tend to be more technical than Amazon reviews. The people complaining about technical issues and poor technical support were given email addresses to respond to and told to send an email with their contact info AND a link to their complaint on Newegg and a qualified person would follow up. Apparently it is not only Linksys’ marketing people that are weasels. You can only get competent technical help if you complain on a technically oriented forum. (I didn’t see any Linksys responses on Amazon’s reviews but perhaps I missed them.)

I purchased this router last month, caving to reviews & believing it to be one of the best on the market. My experience with it has been far from stellar. Even though my house is fairly small (1700 sq.ft.), this router will not transmit its signal throughout. Its signal doesn’t reach the corner rooms, so I get no wi-fi in major areas, like the living room & family room. Overall, I’m quite disappointed with this $160 paperweight, and strongly suggest you pass on it.