Linksys AC1900 Wireless AC 2x2 Router

Yes, this will work with Windows and Apple operating systems. TCPIP is universal across all network devices. This will work fine with any device that is IEEE 802.1 compliant.

You would think after reading the reviews, WOOT would step up to plate and remove this inferior product or at least come forward and disclose that there are two versions of this router!

What did WOOT or Linksys do to you to make you post 6 times about this SKU/WOOT??? You started off about complaining about not knowing if it was a V1 or V2 product and when confirmed it wasn’t good enough. This product has great reviews and I have two of them, one in each of my homes. I would recommend this hands down!!!

4 stars and over 1,200 reviews on Amazon… Not an inferior product at all.

That’s your choice my friend…all I’m saying, why not disclose that there’s two different versions of this unit? Any harm? You work for Linksys? I was ready to purchase one until I found out this additional information. By the way, I have two Linksys routers already, the EA 6200 and EA 6700. I was looking for a third one. Lastly, this is an open forum, am I breaking any laws by making multiple postings? Good day! :slight_smile:

No, I don’t. At the end of the day this is a great deal for the V1. I have also had very little luck finding a V2 along with finding more info on the V2.

Bought this router a year ago from a brick and morter store. Thought I was getting a great router. Features are nice, performance is okay. EXACTLY one year later (to the day) the radios or something else failed and my speeds both LAN and Internet were running 1 to 5 megabit. I luckily found out the the brick and morter store (who now matches amazon’s prices) could do a “vendor swap” since it was within the 1 year warranty. Barely, but whew I never have this luck.

So, now I have a netgear nighthawk r8000 which is a far superior product.

What I learned AFTER i bought the WRT1900AC is that Cisco sold their consumer level branch (aka Linksys) to BELKIN and this router was made by BELKIN. It is the same old junk Belkin has been pushing for a long time. They bought the Linksys name, but not the quality!

I bet you bought it new. These have been refurbished. Perhaps the radio failure was fixed on these.

Your right. I forgot to mention that I bought it new. With the reported problems, my problem, and the fact that the once superior Linksys is no longer the good ole linksys… Not ever again.

I have one of these and am currently going through an RMA because of intermittent ping spikes. Hopefully they replace it with a rev. 2.

Yep. I’ll probably pass this time, but when i asked, the Woot! staff rep checked, and replied that it was V1. As for the complaints (by others) that the V1/V2 business means Woot! and Linksys are somehow deceptive, i don’t think that’s the case, per se. It’s common for a company to continually refine their products and sell them under the same major model #, just bump the rev #. Sometimes that info is in serial number runs, sometimes in “rev #,” and sometimes they go ahead and call it a different version like they did here. Not deceptive.

The only negative i see in this case is that Woot should have included the version in the specs. But it is the consumer’s responsibility to research what they’re getting, at least a little. It took me all of three minutes to find the earlier question about V1/V2 and ask it here. At that point though, i already had the basic answer given the processor speed.

I’ve used Linksys routers for many many years and the only problem i have had was caused by a lightning strike.

I guess I am becoming one of those dreaded people that post multiple times on a single SKU but I cannot help but take exception to the statement that this is common. It is NOT common for reputable companies. I am in management of a major multi-national electronics manufacturer and it is not common to use the same model SKU for product variations that have demonstrable performance differences. If the performance is different, the model should reflect it. You should not have to research the various flavors of a SKU to find out if you are getting a good version or a questionable one. We are not talking about something that can be updated with a firmware update, we are talking about component level differences that greatly effect performance. The full model number is all you should need. If your neighbor or friend recommends a brand and model you should not have to ask for special version numbers or the serial number to know whether you might be buying the same performance. The issue is not whether Linksys routers are good, bad, or indifferent. The sole issue in my discussion, and that of several others, has been the deception caused by the same model number being used for product with differing specifications. Out of curiosity, I went to several sites selling this model and several of them made no mention of processor speed or version number. They were simply selling this model.

I just got mine today and it won’t even power up. I’m working with Lynksys and WOOT to see if I can get it replaced.

I have a v1 (purchased new) and have been pretty happy. Tempted to get this.

It’s pretty common for manufacturers to have different versions of the same products as available chips change and they figure out better or cheaper ways to manufacture. This is a link from netgear’s website - showing a version 9 of the same router:

I bought this router new soon after it came out - it looks similar to the router I was replacing the Linksys WRT54GL

The linksys WRT54GL for me has been maybe the best router of all time- I haven’t really seen anything with better range or reliability but it is a bit dated so i bought this one at almost full price when it came out

A little disappointed for 2 main reasons:

  1. reliability not that impressive - have to reboot too often, I get some ping spikes (bad if you play fast paced online games daily) and I suspect the router
  2. It was advertised as open source ready (I had something called tomato on the WRT54GL) but its been like over a year and still no open source public release has come out - and the stock software/interface is bad

about the v1 and v2 controversy - i’m not sure there is a significant difference between the 2 versions for most people - although I do wonder if open source software if it ever comes out will come out for one or the other or both at the same time.

This price on woot is good imo