Linksys AC1900 Wireless AC 2x2 Router



I would recommend not… I had one that failed at the one year mark. Even though by tech buddies warned against it, I went with it (I am a bit of a geek too).

Anyway, they were right. Belkin bought Linksys from Cisco and Belkin made this router.

No more linksys or belkin for me, thanks!


Avoid at all costs. These routers are horrible. They just randomly stop passing traffic for 2 to 5 seconds, no errors, just stop. Total waste of money. (Yes, I’ve tried dd-wrt, no it’s not a firmware issue).


This router works great for me. I’ve installed the recently released OpenWRT final build. I configured an OpenVPN tunnel that connects to Private Internet Access with a default route that sends all my traffic over it (except for a few static routes that bypass it). I also found a simple method for ad-blocking that blocks most ads at the router rather than at my laptop.

I work from home, and all my work data and voice go through this router. QoS was a breeze to setup, and the voice quality is great.

Earlier “beta” or “trunk” builds of OpenWRT did give me some problems. But since the final release, it’s been smooth sailing.

Edit: There are two hardware versions of this router with minor differences. For instance, V1 has a fan, but V2 does not. Any way to know which one we would be getting?


What the hell did dkoobs just say? What makes a wireless router better and is Cisco better?


Dkoobs made a lot of sense. Although his/her experience is not the same as most, he/she likes this router.

“What makes… Cisco better?” Me thinks you should stay away. Even if it works for you, it is probably out of your galaxy!


I have one of these routers collecting dust. The first one I bought intermittently stopped working, would stop working with my IP phones (I have 2 working in the house), wouldn’t work with my Nest at all. After working with support and finding out that this was now a Belkin router, they sent me a second one. It was no better. I’ve always been a Linksys/Cisco fan, but I’ll no longer buy Linksys. There are much better options out there.


To all the people having issues, have you tried installing DDWRT or OpenWRT? I have an older WRT150N and it did similar things that everyone is complaining about. Installed DD-WRT and mine runs 99.9% of the time. I have to restart it maybe every 6 months. If you don’t have it installed then why did you buy this router? Changing the firmware is the only reason to buy this.


DD-WRT is not officially supported.

See here DD-WRT Supported Devices

Most of the routers made after Belkin purchased Linksys are considered problematic.

There is a known issue with the NVRAM getting wiped and bricking the router.

Best advice, stay away unless you like having to open the case to recover the router, there are better routers for about the same price.


So what are these better routers?


Do not waste your money. Tech support is worthless, they just tell you to change the channel that the 2.4 band is on. Now the 2.4 band is completely dead and it is out of warranty. I purchased this on Woot a few months ago and it is the last Linksys I will buy.


If you are the kind of person that tries to put DD-WRT on a new router, then you can find them yourself.

Otherwise, Asus, TP-Link and Netgear have all received good reviews for their AC routers.

There is a great article on WireCutter The Best Wi-Fi Router (for Most People).


Bought the refurb WRT here in March for almost 2hundo. It died in September.

I scoff at your 90 day warranty! Scoff, I say!


I think this is V1. Processor is listed as 1.2 GHz (V2 is 1.3 GHz).


I bought one.I am disappointed.
One flash rom is bad,I updated the router,it turned to brick.I live far away,I can’t sent it to the fatory.So I opened the case and used ttl line to flash it again with my friend.When we flash it,it seem one flash rom have bad block.No more fatory recondi’


Dammit I thought it was just mine. Add this to the list of formerly-well-respected brands that end up on garbage-peddling sites like what woot has unfortunately become most days.

I had one of these that was DoA in a weird way. My replacement does the “haha now you don’t have internet” trick about twice a day. I really regret buying it, especially for the full retail price. It was supposed to be a treat for myself for getting a raise, and instead it’s a pain in my ass.


The first one of these I bought was DoA, and tech support took DAYS to understand the concept. When they finally issued me an RMA, the RMA site was down. It remained down for days. I did an exchange through Amazon. Now I wish I had done a refund.


turns my network into a slog! my old WRT160N is SOOO much better. going to see if linksys warranty will take a return