Linksys AC1900 Wireless AC 2x2 Router

is it worth $53 more for a new one? with a year warranty?

I bought this unit during a previous offering. It’s a v.1 model, is very buggy, and constantly drops wi-fi signals. Don’t bother with this one.

I also bought one at a previous Woot offering. I can confirm that is the V1 version of the router.
I have been using it for a month by now and attached to a NAS available 24x7. I am very happy with this item performance and would buy again without hesitation.
OpenWRT is available right now and I think DD-WRT will be available in a couple of months. I’ll wait for DD-WRT.
I know there are some bad reviews for this router, so I went ahead and paid an extended warranty. Even taking that into accout, it’s a great price for a good product.

Great news as another poster listed this router as buggy. That is usually the firmware. One of the advantages of this router is to use third party firmware. Third party firmware will offer better performance, control and security.

Edit:using A third party software is not for the faint of heart. You could turn a router into a paperweight. My suggestion is to use google, do some research and only do it if you feel comfortable doing the upgrade.

That second paragraph if yours pretty much negates the first one!

Not many of us are so sufficiently tech-savvy as to be willing to risk “turning a router into a paperweight”. Of, however, if you’re willing to explain “OpenWRT”, “DD-WRT”, and/or a fix for this buggy router, in layman terms that the faint-of-heart can possibly understand, then I’m sure there are more than a few of us who would be most grateful for the lesson. Otherwise, non-tekkies are very strongly advised to steer clear of this buggy router.

A fix may be as simple as a Linksys firmware update built into your router. That should have been done when setting up your network but you may have to download it and update it. Keeping your devises up to date is regular maintenance for everyone.

Tech savvy, me? I’m an amateur compared to the educated.

WRT stands for Wireless Receiver Transmitter. Open, means it’s open software and the software can be modified.

Open-WRT means it’s an open software for routers. That’s an option for the tech savvy who like to tinker and get the most from their network.

This (if you chose) is where you may run into a problem and make a router a paperweight. Chose the wrong upgrade/firmware and you just made an expensive paperweight. I only put the EDIT to my post as a warning.

The WRT in this particular Linksys router means using a third party software is an option for tech savvy people who chose to go that route.

If you’re not tech savvy (set it and forget it) this router is still a performer. keep it updated and the buggy-ness should go away.

This does not make me wright. It’s just a hunch of mine that should be checked out. The router being refurbished by Linksys means it should have the most recent software. My thinking is a process of elimination. If upgrading your software does not work it must be hardware, ie. the router. It’s defective.

Look up things like “WRT” on your favorite internet search engine to learn more.

Writing a How To article is above me. I would not even attempt it for many reasons. This would be an inappropriate place for one because it would be lengthy. Use Google or Yahoo search for better “How-To” articles that are out there.

A website called How To Geek is excellent.

Check youtube too.

I’ve already done my due diligence in checking out firmware updates and googling possible fixes for this router, all to no avail. All websites pertaining to possible fixes contain copious warnings, similar to your “paperweight” comment. Thanks for taking the time to school the less-techie of us on basic router terms.

My point here is that purchasers of this v.1 Linksys WRT-AC1900 router have an excellent chance of being disappointed by it, as have others here. of course, there’s a small chance they may get lucky (like you) and receive a good one. Spending nearly 150 non-refundable dollars to find out, however, is probably not the most prudent course of action to take.