Linksys EA7500-RM Max-Stream AC1900 MU-MIMO Gigabit + WiFi

Bought one through Woot a few months ago, tried to get it set up in my free time, even had a techy friend try, ended up spending hours even with linksys tech support later to find out if was defective. Was too late to send back to Woot so I either had to buy a new one through linksys then try and get refunded or (pay to have it shipped back either way) and wait for a replacement, which I did, finally got the replacement now hopefully this one works!

recently purchased a new one of these routers from the blue place … upgrade from my old e3000 linksys. Can now access 5ghz with the ac capabilities of my laptop. easy setup and so far (over a month) no breaks in connectivity, my through put on utorrent went from about a high of 1.7 mbps with n, to 6 mbps with ac … this refurb is less than 1/2 retail for a new unit

Judging by the other reviews, these are mostly not working, and don’t live up to the “refurbished” definition. Steer clear.

I got one from woot a few months back. It’s alright. I get occasional ping spikes while gaming, and this unit doesn’t support dd-wrt or any third party firmware.

I bought this unit brand new from Walmart on clearance at a great price of $30. Setup was easy, but the distance was worse than my dino Linksys WRT54G. Both the 2.4Ghz & 5GHz settings experienced weaker distances from the AP versus the “mixed” setting on my good old WRT54G, so back went the EA7500 to Walmart.

I just bought the Archer C9 from Amazon yesterday as all the reviews talk about the great distance from the AP, so I’m giving that a try & finally going away from Linksys & Belkin.

Great minds . . . I bought an Archer C9 from the mothership last week, setup was a breeze, but the 5G band was a little strange. I setup separate SSID for the 2.4 and 5, tried to connect my phone to the 5 and it wouldn’t get an IP address, but the 2.4 would connect no problem. Played with the settings, ended up changing the 2.4 to match my previous SSID to not have to mess with the Wink hub or the Nest Cam settings . . . all worked great. Finally went back to the 5G SSID, held the phone right next to the router, and it connected fine for the first time. After that, everything else connected from anywhere in the house to that SSID, so not sure if there was some sort of delayed setup that I just didn’t wait long enough but the signal strength is pretty good for that band, going through a couple walls and still connecting at 3 bars.
As for refurbed routers . . . that’s the reason I bought the C9, had a Linksys EA3500 which I bought refurbed, maybe from Woot, turns out it was limiting my bandwidth to 25 mb/s regardless what was coming into the modem, wireless or wired, all which should have been able to exceed the 100 that I’m paying for, but what ever was done to that router, it was the problem, so no more refurbs for me in that department.

I bought one of these 2 weeks ago and it’s working fine. The setup was easy and it’s an upgrade over my old N based ASUS.

After few tries with refurbished, or “like new” routers, I’m not going to try this anymore. I also had this router, and maybe the ‘new one’ is better, but I’m tired of resetting device every week.
My last try was linksys WRT1900ACS which is much faster and you can find one below $200.
Otherwise, for large home I can only recommend mesh wifi like google wifi (if you don’t need many options) or ubiquity unifi if you’re a power user. Good luck!