Linksys EA9500 AC5400 Max-Stream WiFi Router

Bought one last time - it was broke; but Linksys customer support was great and they replaced quickly.

The replacement is great, fast and reliable. It does have a big footprint, so check the dimensions before you buy.

PS. Be careful if you go online for customer service. A third party will pop up a chat window pretending to be linksys and then try to tell you the problem is “Network Congestion” that they can fix for $100… beware of

The day (2008) Cisco aquired Linksys, I stopped using Linksys home network products. Personally I like Asus (laptops, motherboards included) so I’m now a ASUS user. Ordered their ROG Rapture GT-AC5300. Though the RT66U was a great router, this thing rocks. Pricey but so far, worth it. I ended up removing a couple of range extenders from the 2nd floor and basement. Looks creepy but it performs.

Not bashing Linksys products but after cisco took them over, and have some “back ground” in enterprise cisco products, I didn’t want to support cisco’s home products.

Out of curiosity, why did you go with the GT version of the ROG router?

I bought this router this last time that it was offered albeit for $20 more. I am not bitter…

Anyways, back to the item, it is a fantastic router. The range that it has is every bit as good as other people have said it to be. I can get a signal from one side of my house to the other through brick walls. I have no hesitation in recommending it. Setup was a breeze; all devices connected flawlessly for me. The device came well packaged. I am really glad that I bought this router, and I have told all of my buddies that this is for sale again.

Large lineup of connections, gammers network (and ability to isolate them from the rest of the network) better CPU and range boost just to name a few. I have a 4000 sqft house (basement, 1st and 2nd floor). I could post my needs for this router but looking at the spec’s, it’s a tank. And it’s replacing what I consider one of the best home routers on the market if you like to “tinker”. But in a nut shell, I needed something that had the horsepower to provide coverage and connectivity for a 4000sqft house (finished basement, 1st and 2nd floor) that houses every gaming system from Wii to PS4 (xbox 360, one, PS3 and 2 in between), 5 rokus, security camera system, 3 smart tv’s, home theater, 3 NAS boxes and a media server PC, multi-pul smart phones and toss in a couple or 3 laptops on an average weekend, all without skipping a beat. But the first thing that got my eye was the array of antennas, all those ports on the back and it’s killer GUI interface LOL.

You can see how others found the NON-rog version to be decent. I’ve just had good luck with ASUS motherboards, laptops and the router I just replaced. No reason to jump ship even if they are pretty close to features. If I’m not mistaken though, the one think I wanted was port aggregation. Don’t think the linksys supports this out of the box (could be wrong). You can port forward to make it a work around but these are already setup in the Asus.

Unfortunately, Cisco sold Linksys to Belkin in 2013. I have never seen a well made Belkin router, so that’s when I gave up on Linksys. Anything refurbished with less than a year warranty always scares me. I’ll buy refurbished Dell’s directly from Dell because they stand behind them with a warranty just like they’re new. 30 - 90 day warranties make me think that the company doesn’t believe in their product…

Good to know.

I bought this when it was up for sale 20 bucks more. It arrived and the first thing I did was let it update the firmware and then start setup.

It’s a great (big) router and is running for weeks without needing a reboot so that’s great news. It performs from what I can tell flawlessly.

For the price, you’re getting a top tier router for a lot less than new. Buy it if you need a solid router.

Has anyone installed a VPN over top of this router?


The dual band works great, we dont lose signal everytime the microwave runs,but the range sucks in our house. I don’t know if its because we have too many devices, but the time capsule with an airport express used to get us internet all over our 1/2 acre property. The linksys extender I bought can’t even be 20 feet away from the router before it says the signal isnt’ strong enough. It’s goofy.

Really interested in a new router, I have no reception issues in my home running a Technicolor TC8715D
4000sqft house, but oddly enough my neighbors(several of them 50+yards away) signal is strong in my house, and I wonder about interference. Also don’t want to keep paying Spectrum(I know I need a modem too)

Any suggestions.

Looks like a dead tarantula. Hope this tidbit helps your buying decision.

That’s what I told my son when I put it on the entry table. :\