Linksys High Performance Networking

Which hardware version is the wrt1900?

ea6500 v1 or v2 ?

Both are v2.

I’m looking for something that can provide coverage over my entire house. Right now I have 4 linksys e1000’s with DDWRT but they really suck. Is this router good enough to cover ~2500 square feet or do people just buy them because it reminds them of the WRT54G?

Routers are pesky things. I’m paying for 75mbps internet, and my $20 router can only pull 30 to 40. While it’s great for a cheap router, I’d like to get the speed I’m paying for, but is it worth shelling out 5-8 times as much for a powerful router like this?

Does this support OpenVPN?

Not sure about OpenVPN but if aftermarket firmware in general is your game, I know from personal experience there is a solid DD-WRT build out there for the EA6500. I’ve been using it on someone’s discarded eBay EA6500 v1 for a while now and it’s awesome.

this is V1 with fan version?
or V2 without fan version?

Looks like above we noted it’s V2.

for last year one of my friend got linksys ac1900 here is V1 with fan, and
i want to get V2 without fan AC1900, thanks again

WRT1900Ac does have support for OpenVPN Server

Bleah. Bought one and it turned out DOA - did not power on. Requested RMA.