Linksys Media Hub Home Entertainment Storage

What is this?



gah… why is not updating today for me.

It must be sell everything electronic at woot’s office today.

How useless…

The next person that posts about their woot tracker not working gets a kick in the nuts.

My Woot Tracker wouldn’t be working if I used a woot tracker.

How much does this thing hold? I can’t find it in the specs.

How much storage does it have? Not listed anywhere, only 2 SATA slots…does it come with any storage capability?

wootalyzer is working fine…

Anyone knows the true thru put on this device? I once had a nas that had a gb ethernet and sata 3gb and got only 1 mB/sec download.

Never mind me, I’m just posting to see what my avatar looks like.

Two SATA disks…
You Choose.

I got one of these when they were on here a couple of months ago and it’s been great. Streams content to my 360 and is easily accessible anywhere. Now I don’t have to leave my desktop on all the time to be ready to stream movies. It’s just on and gives me all I wanted.

Touche. The next person who COMPLAINS about their woot tracker not working gets a kick in the nuts.

How’s that?

I guess it depends on the size of the drives you put in it.


no hard drives included, correct? where’s the operating system stored if there’s no hard-drive included? is it an embedded linux thing?

What’s the difference between this and your typical HDD?