Linksys MR20EC Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router

Linksys MR20EC Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router

I looked at this on Amazon, and see that there are 2022 and 2024 versions. Woot being Woot, I assume this is the former, but I’d be interested in knowing, if that info is available.

Answering my own question: Amazon calls the 2024 version AX2200, while the 2022 version is labeled AX3000 - same as the one here.

@InFrom You are correct! This is the 2022 model. We will get that added to the offer. Thanks!

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Are all these Broadcom chipsets?
Prefer to use Open Source Firmware instead of Stock.

Well, I bought it, and set it up at home, wired by Ethernet to my PC. It was a breeze, and was working well. Then I brought it to the home where it will be used, oops no device with an Ethernet port there, plus they got a new cable modem, which added its own stumbling blocks. It took a few tries, and I ended up having to load the Linksys app, but it is working great, seems very solid. The app made it quite easy to activate the router, change SSID and PW, etc.

Some of the Amazon reviews complained that it stopped working just after the warranty ended. Hoping that won’t be the case here.