Linksys Network Optimizer for Gaming and VOIP


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Linksys Network Optimizer for Gaming & VOIP
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Linksys OGV200 Network Optimizer for Gaming & VOIP

Does this thing really work well?


Sounds pretty useful, anyone ever use this before? I have issues with my VoIP Vonage phone when I’m downloading or uploading large files where the phone will cut out… thinking this may help that… hmm

Ok, it is a deal. But is it worth it even at a bargain?

Shouldn’t this just be a setting in router firmware? Seems silly to make a stand-alone device.

It’s definitely cheaper here than anywhere else I see, but is it worth it?

Uhmm. So something that takes a packet, stops it, figures out if it’s important, re-arranges it’s queue, and then transmits it, is going to prevent lag and latency how? I call BS.

Woohoo! I’m in for 1

Will it come in a BRAND NEW box? Or in a woot box wrapped in plastic?

I have to login via my university’s (Pittsburgh) network software, powered by Cisco (specific name eludes me right now). Will this work behind it and presumably it’s firewall?

Looks like it’s a QoS prioritizer

I think you tell it how much bandwidth you have, and if you are starting to use all of it it will drop non-VoIP and non-game packets. Usually this feature is integrated into routers, but it’s a nice product to have if your router doesn’t natively support QoS

good call…I was thinking about getting it for gaming…read on.

I got this from Amazon.

This thing does exactly what it says it will do. Connect it between your modem and router and it gives priority to your outbound VOIP packets. To be satisfied with this product you have to understand what it can and can’t do. All it does is give priority to RTP packets (those send by gamming and VOIP applications) during periods of heavy upload activity (e.g. using P2P applications). It can’t do anything about inbound traffic as these are typically caused by bottlenecks on the internet. Don’t buy this thinking it will improve call quality or lag on MMPOG (World of Warcraft, etc.) across the board. It won’t.

It should only drop some packets or change the order they are sent. It should not affect anything visible beside performance.

Newegg user reviews:

A sample
"Pros: Easiest way to configure QoS settings for gaming and VoIP applications. Easy enough for everyone to use.

Cons: None. Well, if you own a router you can manually configure the Quality of service settings for your router. This is an advanced feature and novice users will not know how to do this. So non-geeks are better off just buying this product."

If you are on a network with a lot of people who upload stuff, it will help. It might not be very useful for a single user on an Internet connection, but I definitely can see it working well in a multi-user (5>) environment.

I’m not too sure what this really is or does, but it gets 69/100 on Alatest. So that’s decent.

Sounds like wana be qos for people that want to download porn, play a game, and talk with grandma all at the same time. Wow what if you are talking on the phone and playing a game at the same time what gets put in what order.