Linksys Network Optimizer for Gaming & VOIP


It’s 2:30 am here, we need more Lolcats.


i bought 3


So many headphones, and Sansa’s, and MP3 players, and cameras, and junk. and oh my woot! Not enough Billows Of Clouds, not enuff Bowels Of Constipation, not enough Banjo’s Of Consternation, not eough Bags Of Cheetos, not enough Balloons of Circus, not enough Barrels Of Chimpanzee’s. Not enough Bathysphere of Combustion, Block Of Cheese,
Bags Of Crap.



Man, this would be perfect with my $500 network cable!

Talk about worthless. Get a decent router, turn on QoS, done.


Three letters… O M G


yatta hey! ya can’t do that lloyd.


This is cool and if my room mate had been nicer to me this week I would buy it for his WoW addiction



my first wootoff is very disappointing :frowning:


I have been waiting SO long for this!!!
Thanks WOOT!


Network Optimizer? The 1’s and 0’s need a chaperone?


yup, didn’t think it was funny the second time either.






waitwait! What if my ATT router/DSL modem are the same box? then I can’t use this. WHat about me? anybody?


this one’s gonna take a while.


Should I be surprise that Alabama is the only place buying this?

Ooo, and Texas!


wootoff killer. gahhhhhhhh


Don’t a lot of the newer routers pretty much do everything this does on their own?