Linksys Network Optimizer for Gaming & VOIP



Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Linksys Network Optimizer for Gaming & VOIP, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Linksys OGV200 Network Optimizer for Gaming & VOIP

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Wow, woot has sunk to censorship. That’s really original.


Crap… wasn’t first and the product isn’t all that great. Maximum PC did a write up a year ago and so and said that is was kinda like mega maid, it went from suck to blow. It sucked your money, and its productivity blew.


hrm, how good is the QOS?


When will these dammed things be gone for good? Please Woot! I beg of you!!


wooohooooo more $$$ to blow on a network thingy I dont need!


Does this product always get all the DOCTOR WHO references? Or is it just because the series final episode is on today?


I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of Doctor Who references. I really am.

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If your wondering what this does, it basically priorities game and voip packets, so that some asshat leaching off of your connection to download the final season of “sex and the city” cant stop you from playing TF2, and talking to your skype buddies.


Seems like one of those feel-good but useless items.

But, people on Amazon say 4 stars.

#13 has this for $21.99 with free shipping. I picked one up a month or so ago from them for $19.99 with free shipping.

There’s nothing wrong with this device, buy the way, as long as the thing you’re trying to optimize communicates on port 5004, the RTP port (Real-time Transport Protocol). VoIP almost always does, most games do not. (I think I read that WoW does, I don’t know what others do…should be an easy Google search).


(Said in best david-Tennet-style brouge)

Nice to see someone as excited as I am for the finale. Personally, I suspect David will stay, but who knows? Supposedly, he’s on contract for another season of specials next year, but that may have been manipulated.

Any-hoo…buddy of mine has this. Said it didn’t really do much. Kind of made everything run “Timey-Whimey” (Sorry, couldn’t resist).




The $35 Belkin Wireless G router from Walmart has a QoS option built in. These are a joke…right?


These aren’t a joke… they really do make a huge difference. I remember buying the first device of its kind, a Hawking HBB1 broadband booster, that did the exact same thing as this does, with reduced functionality (next to NO configuration options).

Basically, the big problem is that on a normal connection, when you max out your upload, there’s no room (or very little, slow room) to, say, open new connections and request data. So both your upload and your download suffer. This device learns the maximum upload for your line (and in some cases, the download as well) and “clocks” the upstream data, prioritizing important data like connection overhead and VoIP data in the process.

It’s not just for VoIP - that’s just one of the many uses… it essentially streamlines your whole network and makes it kick a lot more ass. Everyone can be uploading everything at the same time, and you won’t even notice while browsing the web. It’s awesome like that.

tl;dr: Buy one, and you can forget about setting your P2P upload limits.


I actually just started watching the show 2 weeks ago, have summer off and a lot of free time, and got through all the episodes in 9 days. Watching 48+ episodes back to back and finishing like 5 days away from the last one makes me want to die waiting. I don’t want to give away too much of what I read online, but people are looking for some plot lines to finally come out of the hand in the bottle tank thing.


Do you think this would help Magic Jack ?


It is still important not to go for 10,000 connections for your P2P. The bottleneck will be your router/thisthing/yourmodem and it won’t make any difference.

Would I spend $19 on this thing? If I didn’t have DD-WRT & relied heavily on VoIP and had 10 other people in my house then perhaps it would be useful. Other than that, I would probably pass.