Linksys Networking

Big brother has it for a little more and it’s not a refurb. Nice unit and after going to 8ports in my house, never thought I would need to move up… 16 might be good but after adding a couple of NAS boxes, cloud drives, printers, UPS, I’m thing this would fit the bill. If it was cheaper, I’d be in for one. Think I’ll shop around.

How can I found out what firmware is on the AC 1750?

I read a CNET review on this, and I think that this might be important to know.

CNET Editor’s note: The Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router AC 1750 HD Video Pro EA6500 was originally reviewed on October 15 with the firmware version that proved to be buggy. This is an updated review with a much improved firmware version

Hrmm. Tough to tell, since these are factory reconditioned. They do have a 90 Linksys warranty, though, if anything does seem wonky.

Firmware is user upgradeable, so which version it ships with shouldn’t matter. Just update it to version or newer and you should be fine.

Hardware revision numbers, for models with more than one revision, are much more important, especially if you want to run a third party firmware such as dd-wrt.

Thanks manhandsha and southcutt. I like your answers.

I think that this is a pretty good deal… I’m going with it.