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Linksys Powerline Network Kit [New] - $59.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Linksys PLTK300 Powerline Network Kit

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$120.33 at Amazon.

83/100 on Alatest.,72/

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FYI: If your home has separate wiring systems for different parts of the house(like an addition or some older houses), this won’t work.

Does this run dd-wrt?

i wonder how well this works in old houses

85 Mbit isn’t so bad, but 56-bit encryption? Can’t you crack that with a graphics card in about 30 seconds?


Here’s the product details/support page…

Anybody know the speed throughput of this thing? Any chance of streaming 1080p video across it?

So why are there 2 of them? Can I give 1 to my mom?

Edit: In response to my own question, one goes by the modem, the other goes by the things you want to internetize.

i believe the must be plugged directly into the wall, with out a surge protector!

edit: =[ thought I had a quality guess not! arg oh well, beat them too it also!

EDIT - I’m confused. The top says PLTK300, but the description says PLTE200.

3.5/5.0 ratings on Amazon


I used to have something like this (It used HomePlug 1.0), but every time I used the microwave oven, the network connection was lost. (The microwave was plugged into a socket on the reverse wall)

Beware of surge protectors and/or multi-plug adapter outlets . Only run one of these through a single outlet to single outlet. Also beware that appliance “noise” can effect this type of network. Other than that, they work great!

Why do you do this, woot? Why do you dangle something I’ve wanted for months in front of me, when I have no money!?