Linksys RangePlus N Wireless Router


fail homepage is fail


Woot is having a tough time today getting new items uploaded.

about a 7

Anyone got a sledgehammer? The main page is broken still

What the hell is going on? I should think it would be best if the “programmers” (and I use the word carelessly) at Woot would do their experimenting when there is NOT a woot-off going on.

this is awesome router but i already have one.

works well though

so we get to complain about carp before we even get to buy one huh. well, isn’t that a GREAT marketing ploy!

no one can buy T_T

The upside to this, of course, is that we will see the Bodacious Orange Cow in advance of its appearance. Shhhhhhhhh!

How have you been a member for three years and never bought anything?

bought one recently it works great!!!

good grief

More like rageplus amirite

Good router I have one.

Please fix the woot! The woot is still broken

Well, at least we’ll have a few minutes to decide whether we want the next item before the “I Want One” button pops up!

WOOT is majorly FUBARED!