Linksys RE4000-RM N600 Range Extender 2 pack

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Linksys RE4000-RM N600 Range Extender 2 pack
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The first step in set up is “connect the power cable.” I thought this thing just plugged into an electrical outlet. What does the power cable connect to at it’s other end?

The manual at,0.pdf shows it comes with “duckbill” plugs; looks like it can go straight into the wall using those.

(and yes, I couldn’t get the URL to format as a link. I tried. Honest.)

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You can either plug the unit directly into the outlet or use the power cord to plug into the outlet if it doesn’t fit due to other items plugged into the same outlet.

Windows 10 not included in “Platform Compatibility” list (SPECs)

Looks like a power jack on the back to me.

It’s a Wi-Fi extender. Your Windows version is irrelevant.

Anyone have any experience with these? My current setup is a Netgear R6250 and a N300 extender to reach one part of the house I couldn’t seem to get coverage on. I’ve been debating on whether to add more extenders for the other parts of the house, or just upgrade to a better router with more range

Is a PC/Mac required? I’m almost entirely mobile/tablet based at my house. I have another extender that I never got to work because my old laptop is a hunk of crap and I couldn’t set up the extender properly. Also does this broadcast a new WAP signal or can it piggyback on the same wifi name without the wireless device having to switch access points back and forth depending on where you are in the wifi range?

Each of these will add a new network SSID to your wifi list of available networks. It is not a repeater using the same SSID and credentials as your access point.

is it compatible with any sort of Router? I have the router that comes with optimum cable that has the range of about 20 ft.

What is the range of these things, how far will they extend the signal?? Thanks



[*]Extend the range of your wireless router up to 7,500 square feet, eliminating dead zones.

How long is the cord that comes between the two devices

You can just use kite string. Pick your own length!

What I really wanted to know is how far away from my router to the rangd exgtender , such as 100’ or 150’ or even 200’ feet away from my router??

Based on the area of a circle, a 150’ radius is close to 75,000 sqft, so muy guess is 150’ without obstructions.

Received our set of these today. Setup was very easy and mostly automatic. Once I moved the device to its final location, it provided excellent coverage such that between it and the wireless router, my whole house is covered with excellent signal strength. I don’t even need the second one, but I’ll save it just in case. We’ll keep testing it over the next few days, but so far looks good.

Got two of these as well. The first set up with no problem but quickly became ungodly hot to the touch. For fear of burning down my house I disconnected it.

The second unit will not setup. Once the unit connects to the wi-fi it is impossible to access directly, so there’s no way of knowing if it’s working or not, check settings, etc.

Not real satisfied with this Woot…