Linksys WiFi Notebook Adapter 3 Pack


Wednesday, November 30, 2005


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What the world needs now is posts, quality posts:
[]p3, willidiots compiles a catechism of info “for the more uninformed wooters out there”
]p5, tolgabalci insists that “I don’t even allow B devices to attach to my G network”
[]p6, jbraly76 offers a few choice words for “LAME G SNOBS”
]p6, theragu40 smacks down G partisans “who bought their networking stuff at Best Buy…and now they think they are experts on the subject.”
[*]p6, vagel forges ahead: “Screw G, I’m on to 11T…It will bend space-time and actually make time slowdown while in range, thus making your network appear faster to you, the observer…I’ll elaborate on why woot isn’t hip enough or ahead of the curve enough to carry these in a future blast.”


If only I had a laptop…

$9.99? Thats $3.33 a piece.

Got some nice stuff here though.

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excellent woot




more wirelessness

would be awesome fo rmy DS… if my laptop wasn’t broken and if i didnt already have a wireless network system… hmmm… woot-night…


damn good deal.


not sure if i need 1, or 3


Good One - Woot On. Hard to go wrong with these.


Yes Yes Yes … for three cards…




If only I had some cash on my debit card.


hmm, interesting if I had a laptop!


wish it was g…
maybe tommorrow


I would only love this woot more if Woot would SHIP TO HAWAII!




$5 a piece, good deal! :slight_smile:

best i found is like $22 shipped for ONE!


it’s a damned good price… but it’s not G… it’s not G!


802.11 B!!!
11 Mbps transfer rate



Man, some booooring stuff these days… and so close to Christmas… lame.


I need a laptop… hmmm… should I get one just to use one of these…