Linksys WiFi Notebook Adaptor


[imgleft][/imgleft] Thursday, October 13, 2005


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[]DocThan compares broadband connection speeds with b and g
]dzlux finds some indication that this card doesn’t fully support Linux…
[*]but ealvar says it works fine with NDIS wrapper


WOOTNOTIZED ™ - You are getting sleepy… you are going to buy three and send them to me… [:)]

Linksys WiFi Notebook Adaptor $9.99 + $5 shipping

Nice!! and yes… wireless b is just fine for home use.

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It’s too good to be true!

That’s really cheap. It’s just too bad that I already have a b. Maybe if it was a g…


This seems to be a good deal. I am in for 1


Linksys WiFi Notebook Adaptor
$9.99 + shipping


WOOTNOTIZED ™ - You are getting sleepy… you are going to buy three and send them to me… crap!


not a bad woot, might pick up a few for spares… first page, gnight all

too bad its only a b… this belongs in a you-know-what.


Only a B card? If it were a G (or, even better, A/B/G) I’d be all over this.


who doesnt have a internal wireless card?! and not even a g? this sounds like something my old highschool would get like 5 years after it was made and call it “new technology” thanks anyway woot.


This will go fast even I dont need one


Wish it was a G adapter

I’ll pass


Woot would have labeled this “Cisco” wireless car to make it more expensive


b? Who uses them anymore???


Maybe a G version of this.


SIGH…if this was 802.11G I’d get it. Already have a B – have had one for 3 years.


This is a good one - Buying three for ebay

Here is another woot wannabe


it’s slow


Only have 20 or so from previous Woots (Motorola, D-Links and Omnifi…)


Can get the same deal at Fry’s. Good night… Phil