Linksys Wireless 802.11G Network Range Expander


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does this only work with linksys


Great Price. Usually $80-$90.


Some pricing links


Alas! No WPA. G’night.


What revision is this one? There are 3 versions of it… The newer 2 are more compatible with routers OTHER than only Linksys ones. If it’s the original release, good luck getting it to connect for a firmware upgrade for compatability! The newer models have a ethernet connector in the front for those “easy” upgrades.


Linksys Wireless 802.11G Network Range Expander
$39.99+ $5 shipping

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product(s): 1 Linksys WRE54G Wireless 802.11G Network Range Expander

Not for me - goodnight.


works great


Lacking WPA makes this a pretty hard sell.


I’ve seen these for sale at my job for about 69.99. I have no idea how well they work, and I’d have to imagine it’d make port routing a biatch if you plan to use say, bittorrent over on the computer behind this thing. Then again, I know about as much as a potato does in terms of networking.


No WPA? Sad, sad device. I await my find Sack… Maybe Hannuka will come early this year…

[sinks back into lead-lined, ultra-secure, polydimensional pit]


It does indeed have WPA. There are two settings for security for this thing. WEP, and WPA (Pre-Shared Key)


how far does it reach?


got one decent price… ok product


It’s 802.11b/g. It works with any 802.11b/g.

The drawback is that it is only WEP enabled and not WPA enabled.


(802.11G) ???
Does that mean 802 B.C.



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