Linksys Wireless-G 4 Port Broadband Router with SpeedBooster

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can you put ddwrt on it

Does anyone know if you can flash the BIOS on this to run Tomato or other similar firmware enhancements?

look who is back!

Google Shopping Link Minimum Price ~$30

Anybody have an opinion about this router? Mine’s been on the fritz and am in dire need of a new one. Thoughts? Opinions?..Chili Con Queso?

YouTube video: Install dd-wrt on a Linksys WRT54GS2

Linksys: America’s #1 Free ISP.

That being said, make sure you lock it up. Linksys isn’t known for coming out of the box secure.

Does this tell me the proper route to take on road trips?

I’m in for the chili.

All but hardware version 1.5 are compatible with DD-WRT.

As long as this is NOT version 1.5 then this is a good device. If this is version 1.5 it is complete crap and shouldn’t even be given away.

Nevermind this version is the 54GS2 and is totally fine!

do i need seperate drivers, or does this come fully loaded?

got one of these on here last time woot sold them and it was a referb and when i got it the item was broken so i would beware.

Oh man, I was sitting here thinking, last day for my coupon! What do you have for me woot? Just then, my internet connection dropped for a few moments as it has been doing the past few weeks due to my 5 year old router…

Well played Woot, in for one.

Wireless G? That’s the wave of the future, by all means, invest in this… really? Really?

I have the G/N dual band version of this and it works great. I have windows 7, vista and xp on different machines and they all hooked up very easily.

This can be flashed with ddwrt

Edit Bah got beaten to it…

Read the funny post Woot wrote…

Any ST:TNG fans out there?

There are four lights!!! :slight_smile:

That is some funny stuff…

@rileyper: as long as you’re careful.