Linksys Wireless-G 4 Port Broadband Router with SpeedBooster

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Linksys Wireless-G 4 Port Broadband Router with SpeedBooster
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Haha didnt a dude just say he was going to sleep after holding out for a refurb router?

I like linksys as much as I like Dlink…which is none

Odds are he wasn’t looking for a G-router, as this isn’t 2006

This is a solid router, it works great. I should know, I just spent a great deal more on it.

@selphish: I hope this wasn’t what you were looking for!


I picked up the Linksys Cisco Dual Band Wireless N router a couple weeks back for $38. It’s the best router I’ve had. This is the step down from that.

That was me. And I wanted a Linksys. :frowning:

Holding out hope that I can get one of their E-series sometime when I’m actually awake! C’mon, woot, don’t let me down!

Just a review after 3 years…

The stock firmware sucked. Constantly had to reboot to restore wireless range.

This improved after I loaded DD-WRT, however it was still just a little flaky (nowhere near as rock-solid as my old-school WRT-54G, however).

The main problem has been the short range, due in part to the antennas being internal rather than external. I was able to counteract this partially by boosting the Tx power in DD-WRT, but it still just didn’t have the power to reach my dining room.

I have since replaced it with a different make/model, but reconfigured this one to serve as a wireless client bridge (i.e. it acts as a Wi-Fi CLIENT, and serves out wired ethernet connections) for use with my television/Roku/etc. It does a really good job receiving a wi-fi signal, and my devices are all very happy now that they have a wired connection and aren’t relying on a weak wi-fi connection.

I still have to reboot this router every month or so (but my Vizio TV needs to be rebooted more frequently than that, so generally I do both at the same time).

I am considering setting it up as a “repeater bridge” which will still do everything it currently does, but also provide a new wi-fi signal downstairs where the current wi-fi signal is pretty weak.

Basically this is a mediocre to decent wi-fi router even with DD-WRT, but excels when working as a repeater bridge. Well worth $20.