Linksys Wireless Media Center Extender



pricing for future reference

Linksys Wireless Media Center Extender
condition: Refurbished

$79.99 + $5 shipping


last night was a really good one… tonight is close… useful comparison links have been compiled… and I think you’ll like.


Unfamilar with 802.3u … Anyone ?



I have one… don’t repeat my mistake.


will this only work with media center or any windows xp?


can anyone tell me how well this works? I actually have been looking for a way to drop the tivo on favor of using my pc but they are across the house from each other. this seems to be the solution if anyone can tell me that it works well.


Would someone with an XBox 360 want one of these? I mean will it help with gaming via the internet?


Only works with MCE2005…wow cmon WOOT! Gimme something that works with Vista!


if i already have an xbox360, which has my computer music and videos already conected to it. what will this do for me. someone give me a reason to buy it


I see no reason too get this, if u have an Xbox 360…Xbox does the same thing, but cant record shows…


HAHAHAHAHAHA All of the fools who rushed out and bought Vista or better yet those uninformed enough to buy a Big Box PC with Vista on it have no use for this.

This looks pretty interesting, I like the idea of this and have been considering what to do and how to do it. Too bad it does not have a router and cable modem built into it, that would make it even better yet.

If these are still here after I get up (and talk it over with the Wife) I will buy one. (As I did NOT rush out and buy Vista) (snicker snicker)


But will it work with mac?


I THINK it actually works just like the Xbox 360 does when it syncs to your pc. So this box would sync to your computer and it would let you access videos and mp3’s on the computer.


The front page says Media Center 2005. Just checked and I have media center 2002. Will this not work? Any way I can upgrade me OS?

Purchased the computer in 2006. You’d think it would be more up to date than this…


802.3u is another word for 100base-T Ethernet.




Psch my xbox 360 can do this


this doesn’t have a tuner how do you record tv?


I would have bought this if it was vista compatible. Thanks for being upfront woot.