Linksys Wireless-N Dual Band USB Adapter

Here’s the manual

No comments? No discussion?

Well it’s Cisco, so that’s a good thing.

Anyone have this and chime in how well it works?

Biggest problem for network devices is that sometimes it takes hours to get these things to work.

Is this easy to set up?

If you have a WDTV Live this will work with it.


does anyone know if this works good if so i need a new one my wifi usb device is bugging out on me.


This is an awesome deal. I already have the same model and I paid $70 as that was the cheapest I had seen for weeks. Need another one and ~almost~ spent $64 at Newegg.

support page

price on amazon



Just got one of these a few months ago. It was also a refurb & I paid $22, so this is a good deal. I haven’t used it extensively, but it’s well made & worked as expected during tests. Setup was easy in XP (install drivers, plug it in, choose a network) & I used it to stream video wirelessly on my HTPC. No problems at all.

How hot does this get? I have had 2-3 USB Wireless Adapters, and all of them got hot after a few minutes of use. Really, REALLY hot.

the price is almost compelling me to buy it, even though I have no immediate need.

Great price here; seems not so good with laptop pricing over at the regular woot.

Found a video with an impressive young reviewer.

Cisco’s support page lists FAQ’s only for XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Are those the only systems it’s compatible with?

To preempt the inevitable questions:
Yes, it looks like it will work with Mac OS X
Not out of the box
Not supported by Linksys
Not for the faint of heart.

So there.

Installed this on a clients vista machine, almost three months now with no issues. No issues with installation either. Just put in CD, install, and plug in adapter.

The price on Amazon is $20, for the refurbs, which is what this Woot is (a refurb).

Anyone know how long the cable is? I’ve got a need for about 5’ distance between antenna and PC.

Will it work with laptop if you already have wireless 802.11 b/g. Will it improve range and speed.

I use several of the 100’s v1 and the 600 v1. They all seem to work easily with WDTVLive box. For PC windows use…it took work. Search the model number and Ralink Diver…you have to modify the .ini file to make it work. Until I did that the linksys drivers were not reliable. If I recall right the 600 is on the 5.4 band (dual) and the 100 was on the 2.4 (single)…both N band. i.e. 600 is faster