Linksys Wireless-N MIMO Notebook Adapter

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New Linksys Wireless-N MIMO Notebook Adapter, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Linksys WPC300N Wireless-N MIMO Notebook Adapter

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Linksys Wireless-N MIMO Notebook Adapter
$19.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product: 1 Linksys WPC300N Wireless-N MIMO Notebook Adapter

alatest only has one review…,2/

amazon has lots of reviews, averaging 3 stars…

“Someday, my great-great-great-great grandchildren will enjoy truly high-speed wireless networking.”

More like

“Someday, my great-great-great-great grandchildren will make fun of my supposed high-speed wireless networking.”

So, do I need an N router for this? I am guessing so…

This is kinda stupid to buy right now… N is hardly supported by any wireless routers on the market right now.

Stay safe and dry!

3 Stars on Amazon.

For the record - at this very moment Hurricane Ike is swallowing Galveston… they say this hurricane IS the size of Texas… good wishes to everybody in that area.

Me no MIMO. Sorry Woot!

Try that site if you want to see some live news coverage

No - works with b, g and N.

For what it’s worth, I have a Linksys N router (Linksys WRT150N Wireless N Home Router with 4-Port). It’s running off my computer in the rear of the main floor of my house. I have another computer set up on the second floor, in the front (about 40 feet away and 12 feet up). Reception is spotty and slow. So my guess is this is good for a room or 2 away, but beyond that, it’s a crapshoot.

Well so my posts keep getting deleted. Anyways, good luck to the Woot staff and everyone else still in Texas tonight!

how many of them do you think are looking a this right now

True… but you don’t any ‘N’ speed or benifits without an N router

Do laptops even come without wireless cards installed anymore?

i think i’m going to go towards houston, live in fort worth, try to get some money from FEMA…you knowz…done seen it happin whin Katrina hit Louisiana…oh wait, they are all coming this way, again, again, …great…thanks…

Thanks, check with me tomorrow! Just finished battening down the hatches!


cheaper the most other places but not by much.

I get this feeling my macbook wouldn’t like this one very much.

Actually… what does my macbook even have?