Linksys Wireless-N Router & Adapter Bundle

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Linksys Wireless-N Router & Adapter Bundle
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Product Page for the router

I currently own the router and use it with a TP-Link N900 PCI-E card. The router works really nicely, gets very good range, and doesn’t randomly drop the network for no apparent reason.

I have exactly the same setup, and I agree. I bought mine refurbed directly from LinkSys, and it has been the most trouble-free router I’ve ever used.

A word of caution - If the unit shipped is as pictured (with USB port on router) than this is the version 3. Only the E2500 v1 and v2 are compatible with StrongVPN and the DD-WRT firmware required for Strong.

Very good reviews on the Router over at BestBuy

Will this router replace my ATT router???

Gigabit Ethernet?

It says ‘Fast Ethernet’ on the specs page over at Netgear so I’d assume it’s only 10/100.

No, this model only does 10/100 on all ports. This makes it a deal breaker for me.

Well that’s bad timing. I just bought a Netgear Nighthawk AC1900 and installed it yesterday.

Anyone know if you can set the MAC address on the WAN side? My ISP authenticates my connection by the MAC address of the equipment.

If it’s just a router yes. If you have the all in one combo then you’ll need to procure a modem ( either DSL or Cable).

Also with some DSL providers the modem will need to be put in bridge mode. Your ISP can provide you the credentials to enter in the router or you can pull them off the existing hardware in some cases once you’re bridged.

for AT&T see:AT&T - Customer Support Center

This ‘Product comparison among Linksys Wi-Fi Routers’ article confirms 4 x 10/100.

Thank you very much for this info. I was about to impulse buy since there’s not much time left, but DD-WRT is a must for me.