Linksys WUSB11 802.11b Wireless Adaptor – 2 Pack



Does anyone want some snow, I have some lying around that I would be more than happy to get rid of…

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“High-speed transfer rate of up to 11 Mbps” hehe


but I have had one of these they are good

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wo ai ni, Linksys.

2 pack ain’t bad.


Don’t think there’s a bigger piece of junk then these, with the possible exception of the 802.11G variant…


almost bit until i realized it was 802.11 B B B not G

oh well

still a sweet deal if you are in a small apartment or something like that


these do work very well I know they a “b” but works great for just sharing internet connection between rooms’


LoL @ .11b


Making an appearance with some pricing…

Secret Prices … $7.80 (x1 only)

Froogle … $9.99 (x1 only)

PriceGrabber … $12.99 (x1 only)

Pricing is for 1 item, not including shipping + tax.


i had one of these. each time i disconnected it, for some reason the computer would lose the driver information. And again each time it would be a pain to reinstall the driver, because the CD and the downloadable driver would not open.

i ended up tossing this and buying a netgear USB wireless G, and thats been decent.


i had one of these and the software screwed up my wifi


Since pricing data is sometimes hard to find after the fact, This wasy $9.99 for two.


Am I right to say that this CANNOT connect to a 802.11g network?


At one time used this: though the technology is old they are pretty cheap and useful. One might question why you would need one as most laptops now have built in. Slower than direct connection by a lot and the antenna does have a habit of breaking off. :frowning:


An outdated wireless standard and an outdated USB standard. Thanks for the thought, woot, but I think I’ll pass.


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Linksys WUSB11 802.11b Wireless Adaptor – 2 Pack
$9.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 2 Linksys WUSB11 Wireless USB Adapter



What version is this? It makes a differenc if it is compatible with Tivo.


I have G version of this. It works ok, my phone screws it up now and then.

I like the B version though. I can use it with my 1986 Amdek with an 880 chip. Woot!


B is soooo 2001