LIOCO Chardonnay - 4 Pack

LIOCO Chardonnay - 4 Pack
$94.99 + $5 shipping
2 2008 Chardonnay Durell Vineyard, Sonoma Valley
2 2008 Chardonnay Demuth Vineyard, Anderson Valley
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Anderson Valley '08. Sounds tasty, but will there be smoke taint?

Can we get some 411 on the MLF?

Malolactic fermentation

And if said taint is present, do they employ any tricks like Roessler to mitigate/remove it?

Richard and Lassow already mentioned 2 of the 3 questions I immediately had. The 3rd - what was the cooperage?

edit: Vintner voicemail says stainless steel.

LIOCO gets some good CT marks on their other Chardonnays, and small production w.w offerings are sometimes very difficult to resist. Ruh Roh.

Those said tricks did not work, but this winery had some real nice Carneros Pinot a few years back.

Cuddly but ugly aliens use Alolactic fermentation.

I think this relates to the MLF somewhat directly too. Does it? Not too familiar with the process.

The mini cooper is the best.

Another trick is to keep a Chard on tfhe lees. I wonder if they did any of that. Schug explained that process nicely.

Doesn’t look like the Heintz gets the oak treatment. Maybe the others follow suit.

2 2008 Durell Vineyard Chardonnay = $90
2 2008 Demuth Vineyard Chardonnay = $70

4 bottles shipped from Lioco Vineyards =$180 ($188 shipped out of California)


4 bottles shipped from WW = $100

44% savings (47% for the less fortunate :wink:)

not to shabby, though also curious to hear about any potential smoke…

One of the first wineries I ever visited [Clos Pegase] uses the local yeast. How does this benefit this Chardonnay as opposed to a more boutique yeast selection?

You don’t have to get all surly about your small vehicle. :wink:

I have indeed become convinced that it’s possible to remove the smoke taint without damaging the wine, but I’m still surprised by the price in light of the lingering question.

Check out this post and some other interesting ones in the thread.

Clos Pegase makes some excellent wines!

It is a woot black tie Chardonnay 2+2 I would be in for two except 1. I have enough white ready to drink and 2. the last two woot weeks.

As I implied above a great deal. I would like to know who said any smokiness is poison. Over done it is unpleasant but a hint can be pleasant.

Pontification, one of the pleasures of the web

I agree, but smoke from forest fires doesn’t taste the same as smokiness from oak/soil/grapes.