Lionel : Trainditional Xmas

Do any of these come with the track?

I think so… it says "(3) Straight Fastrack Track Sections
(1) Fastrack Terminal Section
(8) Curved Fastrack Track Sections, however it doesn’t list the length of the track included which is beyond strange…

All the ones I checked do give the track layout dimensions in the Specs.

You might check the Lionel Store for more information.

Wow, what a mark-up on the Hogwarts Express! Kids.woot had this one for sale in June or July for $99. It sold out really fast last time and I have been hoping it would come back…but 2.5x the price? Come on, Woot!

According to their store ( the Coca-Cola train has one of each car, not (3) as is listed for some.

The previous one for $99 was the large plastic G gauge version, which is basically a glorified (and cheap) kid’s toy. This is the O gauge version, which is much better quality and not a toy as much as a hobby piece, and the engine is die-cast metal instead of thin plastic. Additionally, the cheaper one runs on batteries on cheap plastic track, while this one runs with a transformer that passes a current through proper Lionel O-gauge metal rails.

Nope, it was O-gauge. On kids.woot on July 16th in a special sale section… I went back and googled it. I have been haunting woot since because it was such a great deal. It was also on deals.woot two years ago for 188.00. With Amazon’s everyday price of 264.99 with free shipping, woot is offering the huge savings of $2! Wow!

That was probably close-out pricing on last year’s inventory.

Should be fixed now. Thanks for pointing it out.

Question from someone who knows nothing about model trails. If there is a current through the metal rails, is this something that needs to be kept away from pets? Are we talking “mild shock that won’t bother them but may teach them to stay away” or “Danger danger electricity do not touch the third rail”?

So what you’re saying is nobody buy them now so we can all get them at closeout prices later? Ah, say no more! Say no more! :wink: A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat!

It’s not enough current to shock you. It’s been a while since I’ve used an O-guage train, but I’m not even sure if you’d really feel much of anything.

That’s why she called me O-gauge! It’d been a while since she used me and was complaining the she didn’t really feel much of anything.

Same way that you can buy swim suits now at 75% off right now.

I am certain. I knew the difference and was so impressed with the deal. And it was gone during the same day, while the other stuff listed in the section stayed up for days. I am a Harry Potter fanatic and would have loved to get it for my 8 month old. I have quite literally stalked all the woot websites since then and even e-mailed a few times. We can’t really spring for the normal price but a hundred bucks was too good to pass up. I am torn between continuing to haunt in the hopes that woot will lower its prices again and stopping the insanity. The jury is still out. Anyway, the July item still pops up when I do a google search as “o gauge” it just doesn’t show the price anymore which was a whoppingly good $99.

Wow in that case, that was a wonderful deal. Even haggling at shows I have never seen this below about $200. I will warn you though, I do have this set, and the engine is VERY delicate with a lot of tiny rods and pieces that would break off even in an 8 month old’s hand. Not to mention they are all tiny pieces of metal, so choking hazard galore. I’d highly recommend getting the plastic one for a young child if he/she is going to handle it at all. If they are just going to watch though, they will fall in love with the little puffs of smoke on this one.

It is very low voltage and there is no shock danger. Here’s a primer on Lionel power supplies

When I was a kid we had a really old train set, probably made in the fifties. We would set it up each year and sometimes sections of the track would go dead - no power. My dad used to scrape the little prongs with a butter knife, and it would work again.

Now that I think about it, he used to fix the TV the same way. Only he used the butter knife on the prongs of the TV tubes. I think scraping with a butter knife was about the extent of his electrical knowledge. But he managed with his limited knowledge and his butter knife.

There’s a home remedy for fixing your iPhone home button. But not with a butter knife.

I think I’m looking for an O-gauge train (or whatever scale looks correct) set to put outside during Christmas. Hopefully cheap, so if a crackhead decides to steal it, i’m not out much money. anyone know what I’m looking for?