Lionel : Trainditional Xmas

G scale is normally what’s used outside, but the ‘real’ G scale trains are expensive. However, there are G scale plastic trains (you can probably find it for a bit less elsewhere; that was just the first link I found) that might fit the bill - they’re relatively cheap.

Lionel sure isn’t what it used to be! Most of their trains are cheaply made plastic and they have cut every corner imaginable by outsourcing production to China.

We have a huge collection of vintage Lionel trains and to compare these to the newer trains is like comparing apples to moldy raisins. The vintage Lionel’s are mostly metal in construction and are very tough. This is why they are still around and running after 60+ years. The newer trains fall off the track a couple of times and the plastic parts break making them worthless.

These sets are cheaply made and, IMO, are considered disposable toys, not hobby trains like they used to be.

Nothing is in the same as years passed. Outsourcing has become the norm. A friend working for Campbells Soup told me they began outsourcing CS so far to India and it took them years until they gave in and did it. Gave in? Who the heck wants Campbells, Godiva and Pepperidge Farm products being made overseas eventually? Right now outsourcing is CS but it will increase with all companies.

Don’t expect what we had 50 to 75 years back. Our Lionels are great from back then, heavy and beautiful. They would cost $2000-$5000 for my engines and probably $500-$1000 a car today.

There is no comparison on any items today that were built before 1970.

That doesn’t mean W000t is going to get it at that time again. If you’re waiting, you may not find it for the excellent pricing of $100 here last time which caused it to sell out so fast. The best laid of plans of mice and men often go astray.

Anyone get a weird tracking number? Mine says it was shipped from and delivered to Indianapolis which is not where it should be going. I’ve contacted woot support twice but have not heard back. I am starting to worry about this, it’s the most expensive thing I have ever ordered from woot and having tracking say it has been delivered to some random address is freaking me out.

Wow, craziness. That definitely doesn’t sound like your order.

The Lionel Trains were shipped via FEDEX Smartpost and not UPS. You received an different tracking number.

I will check with Woot Member Services and see if I can’t find an answer for you.

In the mean time, keep on the lookout for the package, as it’s more than likely still in transit to you.